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  1. I attended the game last night and it was a beautiful, hot, dry evening at 5400 feet. The UNM Soccer Complex is really very nice and the game was fairly well attended (approximately 1200 fans). I haven't attended a soccer game there for quite a few years, so I took advantage of the Billikens coming to town to renew my interest and support the Bills. The last time I saw the Bills play was in Tampa at USF in the mid-90s. It was a very enjoyable evening w/ friends who are SLU supporters. I am not very knowledgeable re: soccer, but I enjoy the game and always follow SLU. My thoughts are that UN
  2. UNM is riding a high after defeating the Billikens soundly. I agree, DD has not been an effective coach the last 5 years. His teams don't play up to the level of his recruits and he is effectively pissing away the best record in college soccer. I felt several years ago that he needs to move on.
  3. It is a well written article and I support his views. However, he is setting up a potential 'High Noon' event. He is making it fairly clear what he would do in his comments, "I don't need this job" and "I would probably quite if asked." My gut says he will not be the coach after this season. I hope this isn't the case, but...
  4. RM said he didn't want to go there and then he did. I have a feeling that he isn't too happy at SLU and maybe looking for a way out. I hope not... It will take time for him to recruit the players he wants in order to turn the team around. What I don't know is how he feels about the school, the city, etc. Attendance certainly hasn't been supportive of him or the team. Comments, thoughts...
  5. Do you have a link to the selected teams? thanks
  6. How many years does coach S have remaining on his current contract?
  7. what worries me is that cl may move on before bs. arena is under construction - a big + on her resume and she will be courted. bs will be given more time. dd is still the soccer coach and he hasn't been able to deliver in the 'important' games and he gets excellent recruits. don't know the solution, but it seems that slu history is somewhat repetitive. '
  8. Get a local restaurant to comp lunch for two... then sell tickets ($1.00)for a drawing to have lunch with either brad or cheryl or shimmy. I'd buy a dozen or two for the chance to have lunch with shimmy or cheryl.
  9. and it ended 1-0. Everything was favorble for SLU and they just didn't do it. In my opinion it is time for Coach D. to be replaced and soon. We need a coach who can organize, lead and motivate talent. That's my belief and I'm sticking to it.
  10. is it at 4 pm or 7 pm? I hope Coach D has the team focused and ready to play after some time off. The arrangement certainly favors the billikens if we can only take charge of our own destiny. From my emotional point of view we should have won the a-10 tournament. Go Billikens!
  11. sounds like the soccer bills of 'yesteryears.'
  12. The past 3-4 years DD has not put a winning team on the field. His teams seem to lack cohesiveness, consistency and the desire to win. SLU probably has the best college record in the country and under DD it is slowly being pissed away -- intolerable. If he dose not make it to the NCAA tournament (which I feel he will not) then he should be released.
  13. Has he returned to StL or is he still in transit?
  14. I agree. I was there in the 1st half of the 60's when the most grass on campus was the quad. Spent a lot of time in Forest Park. I think Father Reinert and Fitzgerald began campus improvements, but Fr. Biondi has excelled and I believe that before his tenure is completed he will purchase as much land as is available for continued expansion and development.
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