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  1. A lot of people have mentioned stomping Butler at home. I think Beating them on the road with our crowd taking over was more memorable for me. Road victories are hard.
  2. I disagree with this. The obvious example is a pass on a breakaway. There may be many dribbles and an assist is still given. I don't believe there is a dribble number rule or unwritten rule. It is subjective judgement as to whether the pass aided or enabled a score.
  3. I think his footwork was incredible for a freshman big. He just needs to learn how to finish. Hopefully with increased strength that will come.
  4. Not normally a fan but he supposedly had an impact on Trump to take this epidemic seriously.
  5. All you had to do was turn of Fox News any evening. With the exception of Carlson they all dismissed it.
  6. I agree with this but a couple of exceptions come to mind. Izzo replacing Heathcoat and Pitino replacing Crum. I'm sure there are more.
  7. From my Billiken glasses while I appreciated Weaver it's time to move on. His minutes can best be used elsewhere. While I said this at the start of the season and turned out to be wrong ,one of Ford's biggest problems will be finding minutes to go around.
  8. Why do people on this board continually mention Ford and Kentucky? Just because he played there and has Kentucky roots is no reason they would knock on his door even if he showed he could win here. There would be a lot of higher profile coaches who would want that job when Cal retires if he ever retires. I love Travis and hope he stays here for a decade but I don't see him being sought after by the elite of college basketball.
  9. The university was in financial trouble with a huge amount of short term debt when short interest rates were near 20%. Father Fitzgerald was able to create fiscal discipline while refinancing to long term debt. Fitzgerald does not get enough credit for the job he did.
  10. If fish and chips is your thing go to the tap room. And I also like the Scottish Arms.
  11. I am not sure I agree with all of this. Not to knock Jacobs but you really don’t know if Hargrove can be a good 3 pt shooter. I like his form . I also don’t know if he can put the ball on the floor or not. AndI think his defense has been really good the last 4 or 5 games. Here again I like Jacobs but I think Hargrove might offer more. This doesn’t mean I don want Jacobs to play but I do believe it opens minutes for Hargrove and Weaver.
  12. We are repeating ourselves but my assumption is based on the fact that he played 9 minutes.
  13. I hear he is a good kid and a great teammate but yes maybe he can't play. I hope I'm wrong and he's the next Shaq. We will just have to wait and see.
  14. We had this debate a few weeks ago but yes they could have found some minutes. We have played some very small lineups at time. I believe if they felt he had potential he would have found the floor.
  15. I am not sure if this has always been the case but Goodwin seems to be shooting off his finger tips. Whatever he is shooting them better.
  16. No inside info here but I will be surprised if he is back. They would have found some minutes for him if they felt he was in their plans.
  17. This is the one thing that has no baring. It’s all about TV and the contract is huge.
  18. You beat me to it. That is how a lot of internet myths get started. Someone gives a guess or opinion and it becomes a board fact. Not on your case 72 just pointing out how the process sometimes works.
  19. I thought Hargrove had a couple of blocks. They gave them to French.
  20. Who thinks TJ would have found the bench had it not gone in? It's gotten a hell of a lot better but he still has a shorter leach than some.
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