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  1. Slu's sexual assault policy is very black and white. Essentially any contact with someone who has consumed alcohol is assault. Regardless of whether there is a criminal case, these guys could be toast under the school's policy
  2. For those who have Showtime, I highly recommend you watch the new documentary about the Baylor basketball program and the murder of Patrick Denehey. Dave Bliss is about as sleazy as they come, and there are points in the film when you are wondering whether he is crazy or just plain evil. Sad thing is he has been coaching for years despite what happened with that situation (although he just got fired after the film was aired), yet the DOB whistleblower could never find a job in basketball after this happened. Coach K, Boeheim, and Sampson all interviewed and said they wouldn't hire the whistleblower. Takeaway from the film ... most of these coaches cheat and it gets pretty ugly.
  3. The Travis Ford record

    He did purchase a home in St. Louis. It is in Frontenac, I believe.
  4. That's the understatement of the year. This guy is on a completely different level from Baniak. This is the best verbal we've had since Larry Hughes. And no big man since Ed Macauley even comes close. He'll be a McD's all american.
  5. Recruiting - 2017

    Ok so he has not been hired by nc state yet
  6. Recruiting - 2017

    Where is everyone getting this news that Pierre is off to nc state?. All I've seen is a report that he is a candidate for a position over there. And that report was from before Travis ford was announced as our hc
  7. My initial reaction to this hire was disappointment. However, the more I read about ford the more I think this could be a great hire. He is a very good recruiter with a better track record on that front than anyone we have had in a long time. He's going to bring in some talent. And he has some solid assistants. Hopefully they all come along. One of them, bill grier, was an assistant with Leon rice at gonzaga. For those who wanted rice, we now should have that gonzaga pedigree. And Grier has head coaching experience. I'd like him to add a local guy who knows the St. Louis scene. Ideally Erwin claggett. This past season was brutal for ford but he was dealing with several players having injuries. His resume before that was pretty impressive. He's been to the tourney almost as many times as our school has in its history. Everyone is wining that he only won one game but he still got there which is more than most of our past coaches did. Give him a chance
  8. Coaching Candidates

    People at Utah said the same thing about majerus. I take that with a grain of salt. The guy wins. I also don't trust anything said by uk alums about their coaches. Lots of misinformation
  9. Coaching Candidates

    I would like them to look at billy Gillespie. Was hottest coach in the country at one point. Seems to have straightened things out and is back to coaching at a juco. Reminds me of majerus in some ways.
  10. Recruiting - 2016

    I don't think baniak was a business major. He was premed and may have dropped out of premed but I think his degree was psychology. I had several classes with him. While school may not have hindered his bball career I do wonder if basketball kept him out of premed.
  11. Recruiting - 2013

    You're right. There r only 3 possibilities to fill the two spots. Of course if there were others we would surely already know given that we are an all knowing message board. And again you still don't know all the details about why drew is not returning. My guess is that none of us will ever hear the whole story
  12. Recruiting - 2013

    This is all speculation and its pretty silly. You have no clue why drew was let go. You have no clue what the interest in onwuasor is like or what drew leaving will do to our recruiting of him. Ridiculous
  13. Drew is Transferring

    Again, jumping to worst case scenario conclusion without knowing all details. We don't know why this happened yet
  14. Drew is Transferring

    Lets not jump off the depend yet. No one on here has any clue what went down. Nor do I. But to jump to all these conclusions is pointless
  15. Recruiting - 2013

    He's scum because he was an alcoholic and as a result he must be a cheater? Wow. U must make a great father with your holier than thou bs. Eustachy may be one of the top 5 coaches in all of college but we should conclude he's a cheater because he drank too much. Good logic