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  1. A10 Title

    Several analysts and sportswriter seem to think that the best candidate to stop our streak is VCU. But GM and GW on the road will also be tough as we now have a big target on our back in the A-10. They're certainly already in, but the seeding will be the question based on final ranking and RPI.
  2. Need to change password?

  3. A-10 top 100 RPI

    I"m curious, does this include the game last nite? I can never tell when these rankings are updated.
  4. 1-1 Road Trip...thoughts?

    Five remaining home games, to include Dayton & X, and four on the road. Going into todays game, our RPI was 42. I believe that we need, as a minimum a 6-3 for the remaining schedule to qualify for an at large berth. We can take 4 at home, but can we get 2 wins on the road? Not with a performance like today.
  5. Bills and GW even

    Thanks for the heads-up, I usually find out about the TV channel the day after the game.
  6. bowling green game thread

    I'm in total agreement. Like many on the board, I've watched some pretty lackluster efforts during Rich Grawer's era and before. But this one had to be right up there with them. If we don't get our two suspenders reinstated, we'll be sucking air in the A-10. I have little hope after what I witnessed today. Remeken was nearly comatose on the court, and why he's positioned at the midcourt line to get trapped and lose the ball is beyond me. Let's see what happens when court convenes next week.
  7. SLU vs Ole Miss GDT

    That comes next semester together with learning to read the shot clock numbers, especially the final 10 seconds.
  8. Tickets Available

    They've been taken.
  9. Tickets Available

    Anyone that could use two tickets for tomorrow nite's Rockhurst game, let me know and I'll make contact to determine a transfer location (Section 109). No charge.
  10. Decision by Whom?

    Someone familiar with the SLU decision to suspend give me an idea where and who made this decision? Was this "sentence" given the University or by a student board empowered to take care of discipline issues within the student body? I've heard several different opinions about this by not being familiar with the process, I have no idea and is it possible to appeal or reverse the suspension to a higher authority?
  11. Ya gotta Love It

    I understand what you're saying about Eckerle, but with RM's unknown plans for use of players, I'm not going to bet he'll get a lot of PT. Their new recruits and the development of some of the currnet players may move him down the ladder. I enjoy watching Eckerle and believe he always gives 110%, but we're a different team than 2 years ago. Hopefully, he'll be 3 or 4 off the bench as he does give the team a spark.
  12. SLU at Dayton

    I've been monitoring this on ESPN gamecast since I'm out of town, and that last 1:10 seemed like an hour. How about our 70+% free throws and 50% on the 3's. We've matured beyond my wildest dreams and the Aussie duo has given us a hugh lift. Great season, I'm really looking forward to the tourney, but unless we win it and with Temple, that's challenging. I'm betting on NIT but haven't given up on the big dance.
  13. RM PR skills and public presence rank right up there with Mark McGuire. Post-game interviews sound like a dull homily. I know he's a good coach, so I wish he'd start showing it rather than all the other crap that he's been concerned with.
  14. Observations on the Richmond game

    I probably missed it in an earlier post, but what was the discipline problem that kept Willie on the bench yesterday? I saw him during the warmup in street clothes taking some shots from outside with the team. It looked weird. It appeared that he was cheering his teammates from the bench and high fiving as they came off at each time out. I was impressed that Cody was that good after basically only 3 practices with the team. I hope we have him for 3.5 years.
  15. Redshirting or not

    You better call the TV repair man or see your opthomologist immediately. Something is definitely affecting your picture or your vision.