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  1. Men's Basketball Banquet is scheduled for this Sunday. Doors open at 5 dinner at 6 pm. Let's give Brian and Kyle a huge send off. The place should be packed.
  2. Post Season tributes

    Call the AD!!!!! I personally think it would be a real shame if they don't do something.
  3. Hotel Roll Call

    Holiday Inn for me!
  4. who's going?

    Will be there with bells on! Reservations at the Holiday Inn Downtown Capitol Square.
  5. Xavier-Cincy Suspensions

    Refs should be fired or at the very least be sent to ref high school ball! Coaches, guilty! Players, all should be suspended for conference games not the cupcake ones!
  6. I'm stuck on 270

    Thought and prayers go out to all of the storm victims. Seems as if we were extremely lucky that apparently there are no serious injuries or fatalities. Be safe all in Billikenland!
  7. Couple of Notes

    Amen! Amen! Willie is not a dog that was merely being trained to jump on command, he is a human being with hopefully a long life ahead of him. He and all student athletes have a responsibility to themselves to take advantage of the opportunity to get a good education and a great university so that they can live long and productive lives in a very tough society!
  8. Big cheer for our fans

    Agree with Roy. Even HS teams do it before the game. When did Dayton do theirs? X? And the list goes on. As to RM saying a few words, that is something I shall never live to see or hear. How can such an educated man mumble and say "you know" as much as he does? Most 5th graders can speak better than he does. If it must be done after the game then the fans should be told ahead of time and not mid-game by our announcer who has to constantly make corrections. At best it was a vague announcement today. Why not call a horse a horse instead of saying it might be a horse.
  9. Big cheer for our fans

    It was worse than STUPID....it was rude and insensitive to a guy who worked his butt off for the Billikens. If it was RM's decision, shame on him, if it was someone else's decision, shame on them for being Rude and Insensitive. I personally sent Mr. May an email telling him so. Everyone should voice their displeasure. No banquets...RM doesn't like them. No Midnight Madness...RM doesn't like them. Well guess what folks....it is not all about RM.
  10. Blue Crew: What's in a Name?

    You go girl! Tell it like it is. Next they will want to change the band in some way...enough! The "student section" is such an exciting name. Stick with "The Blue Crew" and build on tradition!
  11. Blue Crew: What's in a Name?


    Think the Roar is a stupid slogan for the Billikens. Should be something relevant! Tigers roar, not Billikens.
  13. New Message Board

    Looks great Steve. Thanks for all you do. Gee, can't imagine that you have anything else on your plate. Take your time, Billiken nation is used to being patient!