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Ford and Assistants

30 March 2016 - 08:37 PM

My initial reaction to this hire was disappointment. However, the more I read about ford the more I think this could be a great hire. He is a very good recruiter with a better track record on that front than anyone we have had in a long time. He's going to bring in some talent.

And he has some solid assistants. Hopefully they all come along. One of them, bill grier, was an assistant with Leon rice at gonzaga. For those who wanted rice, we now should have that gonzaga pedigree. And Grier has head coaching experience.

I'd like him to add a local guy who knows the St. Louis scene. Ideally Erwin claggett.

This past season was brutal for ford but he was dealing with several players having injuries. His resume before that was pretty impressive. He's been to the tourney almost as many times as our school has in its history. Everyone is wining that he only won one game but he still got there which is more than most of our past coaches did.

Give him a chance