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Welcome Players Parents

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In the who are you post ... we've had a couple of parents of new players post on the board ... Mr. Husak-Sludaddy and Ms. Frericks? new2slu.

I would like to welcome your sons to SLU ... I am very happy to have both players here and am really looking forward to watching them help bring continued and greater success to our Billikens.

Also, I would like to welcome you to Billikens.com ... please post often as I'm sure you can give us some good insight to the team and a different perspective.


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As an addendum to Skip's post, I think you will find that Billikens.com is one of the more active and fair collegiate message boards around.

While we encourage and enjoy a good debate, we try our best to keep the content substantive and productive, not personal or malicous.

Enjoy the board and try your best to appreciate Billiken Roy's passion, not his bitterness.

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Thanks all for the warm welcome. Hi Ms. Frericks.

We are looking forward to a fun year and many trips to SLU although I know we can't make all of the games. We have one daughter playing high school ball and a second playing 5th grade ball. We will be down often and should be able to catch 3 or 4 road games.

Looking forward to Nov. 5th.

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Thanks for encouraging your sons to attend SLU. In addition to playing D1 ball they will get an excellent education. One of the trademarks of a Jesuit education is they teach one how to think not just remember. A word of caution, this board is very HONEST in it's assessment of players. Sometimes you may read opinions about your sons that are not to your liking. But no one means it maliciously. For the most part all of us know they are young and are trying to adapt to a whole new world, and really want them to achieve for both themselves and the Billikens. Forgive us in advance for we are fans.

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As parents we know our sons faults even if we do not want to admit them. We have lived with the good and the bad since 1st grade. We have seen the expectations that people have had for them because they were taller and therefore thought to be older and more mature. We die when they screw up and we celebrate when they do well be that in basketball or in life.

What kills us is when they are judged by those that don't have a clue. Three years ago a young man in much the same situation as Bryce finished a summer league in Iowa City before his freshman year at the U of I. The press promptly reported that this 6'11 kid was too slow and too soft too ever play at Iowa. Well last year Jared Reiner was 2nd team all conference and the leading rebounder in the Big 10. It was a good thing he didn't believe what was written and that the reporter was not the coach.

As parents we believe you when you praise our kids and think you are full of sh*^ :'( when you cut them down.

We try to remember it is game-one we take seriously-but it's not brain surgery-nobody dies if we screw up (except inside and slowly).

Go SLU!!!

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First...thanks for the warm welcome to the SLU family!

Second...This is "MR." New2SLU

Third... As I have always told all my kids who are college athletes,

one SLU B-ball player, 2 daughters at Westen Kentucky, one a soccer player and the other a volleyball player. The common theme I have always said to them in throughout their athletic careers..."The coach is going to put on the floor / field the best team that will win the game." No excuses offered and none given. This has been the understanding that has motivated them through the years.

I have read, many articles praising or condeming kids...none the less its part of the game. Life is not always warm & fuzzy, its what will make them better people in the their future endeavors.

Therefore it is not so much what is said just as long as what is said is fair.

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