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  1. I did not know that. I just remember you as a kid at the games with the signs for the board (teen). This was the 1st message board i used and now run a message bosrd like it for the ualr trojans here in little rock. We have about 30 members nd 10 posters all at least 56 years old. There is no smack talk with that age group. http://csnbbs.com/forum-291.html
  2. Steve we should all thank you for getting the board going years ago. The kiel center rocked.
  3. I don't get to many games anymore and troll the board more than post due to not going to live games but just hope everyone is taking this success in. It is pretty magical thing watching the success of the program and how it has moved from mid major top 25 program. Feels good to be able to ride along even from a distance
  4. the big guy is slow. they have a couple of scorers that can slash and dunk the ball. nothing there that made me fill like they were well coached. I follow LA Tech in the WAC and have watched them play a couple of times this year.
  5. As a long time fan that does not live in stl anymore, this has been really exciting for me.
  6. White haired ref calls sun belt and big 12 games mostly. The younger bald headed ref USA sun belt ref. both call games here in little rock a lot.
  7. The whole is more than the sum of the parts. God the ball movement is good.
  8. I don't post much any more because I don't get to watch enough of the games, but this board has always been a great place. Hats off to Steve and the posters that keep the talk going and the traffic up.
  9. Roy is one of the best posters on the board. He has given me tickets, along with many of the other posters over the years. If you go back ten years, Roy was one of a couple of poster that kept the board active. That and Steve holding up signs at the games. Roy was the heavy weight champ back then and triangle and two was th villain.... Those were the days...
  10. I.T. workers with just a few years of experience and some Cisco certifications make 70 to 100k. Just for reference.
  11. I am sure that the echoes of me yelling, "dam* it Diener" can be heard in the Kiel Center.
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