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Question of scholarships


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tseugnekillib swears that if mcclain was on pace to graduate in a certain time period, we can use that scholarship anytime. i dont know that. a good question for us to ask tuesday nite at humphreys at the billiken club meeting.

imo, if we only use 3 this year we could use 5 next year, plus if tseugnekillib is correct we would be able to replace mcclain as well. however, i wouldnt be surprised if that "replacement" scholarship might have some use it or lose it time frame on it.

like i said, we need to ask tuesday nite.

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If Floyd McClain would have reached junior academic status prior to his leaving in August, then SLU would have been able to use his vacated scholarship this year, giving SLU five in total. However, the only public statements coming from West Pine are talking about four available scholarships. Evidently, McClain was short of the needed junior academic status.

Furthermore, I'm "thinking" that we will not be able to fill McClain's scholarship next year either, based on today's 5/8 and 6/8

rules. It appears that SLU will be a 12 scholarship squad for the next two seasons!

I thought I read somewhere that the NCAA would allow up to 6 scholarships this year and next, (as a roster adjustment period) however, every open schoarship had to come from a graduated student-athlete or a student-athlete that left school at least even with the required academic hours for his class. Maybe Phil Hunt got Brandon Morris' scholarship.

I know nothing official, just piecing some things together. I hope I'm wrong again!

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Here is something I copied and saved out of an article I found on the subject last year. If it is correct, McClain needed to be on course to graduate in 5 years after he started college. I have no idea if he had that many credits:

"The "5/8" limit would resume in 2003-04 with one change. When the number of student-athletes who graduate in any given year combined with those who leave an institution early but who are on track to graduate within five years exceeds the number of initial grants provided during that same given year, the school would earn one additional initial grant. The additional grant must be used within the following two years. Overall men's basketball scholarship limits would remain at 13."

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