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Jimmy Bell Jr. Reported to transfer to Moberly Community College

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2 hours ago, billiken_roy said:

dont forget everyone in D1 got a free year last year due to the chinese flu virus.

I haven't forgotten.  But how does that work?  My guess is that after the completion of a normal four-year cycle, the athletes can choose to utilize that extra year — not that 2020-21 "doesn't count" and everyone this year is the same class they were last year.

And would the NJCAA recognize what the NCAA says?

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I liked Jimmy and was pulling for him.  Like everyone else, I saw flashes of talent that made me think that he could be a major contributor down the road.  However, I think the one thing that was going to be required for Jimmy to take the next step to being a solid contributor was improvement of his foot speed and quickness.  As the weight came off, I think that Jimmy and the coaches were hoping that he would become faster and quicker.  That never happened.  With the speed of the college game nowadays, his lumbering up and down the court just wasn't working.  That being said, I wish him the best of luck going forward.

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