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OT: Game of Thrones [Includes Spoilers]

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43 minutes ago, Old guy said:

The end of the series is the end of the series. If you were to look at it as if it was happening in real life, the real outcome would have little to do with who got it, the real outcome would be dependent upon what the guy who got it did with it after he got it. That is not part of the series, the series just had to end at some point, period.

Old man, the script is the script. It was submitted for Emmy consideration. We can all read it and compare it to the finale. The script for the finale was f’ing awful.  

If you read the script and watched the finale, it is clear that Weiss and Benioff are awful writers.  That doesn’t mean nobody besides GRRM could write good GoT storylines. Episodes containing post GRRM material written by Crogman and Hill were good to excellent.  

The fact that the finale episode was so much better than the script is a testimonial to Weiss and Benioff as show runners. They hired actors, directors, editors, cinematographers, etc. that were so good that they were able to turn a chicken script into a chicken salad finale. They just shouldn’t be the main writers.

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