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The Wiz

The Bills over St J by 3

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34 minutes ago, moytoy12 said:

Through Isabell's instagram story, I see that Welmer was on the court and taking part in their pre-game practice/walk through today.  Now, obviously, the gameday walk through is a low impact/energy affair and I'm highly suspect that we'll see him play again, but it's good to at least see him being physically active with the team. 

he also seems to be walking and moving around just fine.  Maybe this has always been the case, but maybe not.

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Well that was painful....

What happened?

It was St. J night.....A few spread threads back , I talked about the concept of "the game" ...a night when everything comes together for a team...This was "the game' for St. J.

Let's look at a few numbers


St. J...41/32/ 74

These are the slash numbers for the season...except for the FTs , it is pretty even.  When you throw in the extra FTs we get / gm even the FTs are pretty much even. 

Tonight's slash....

SLU....37/ 23/ 55

St. J ....56/43/ 77

When you look at the Bills...it doesn't look good...but in reality , we are missing 7 pts...Had we made 2 more 3s and 1 more FT , we would have made our slash...Yet that hardly makes up the deficit.

Now let's look at St. J slash...tonight , they made an extra three 3s and six 2s...for a total of 21 extra pts. ...And even though they are  top top 5 ITN in fewest TOs...they still had 5 fewer TOs than normal...good for another 10 pts....grand total =31pts ..or a BIlls win by 1.... and remember that is with the Bills having an off night (-7)

If the Bills and the Hawks have an average shooting night this evening ...we win by 8.

So what does all this mean....

Two take aways....#1 )  A freak night for St. J ...You put them out there again ... without the Bills on the court ...and they would be hard pressed to score 43% from the arc ....and #2 and more important....if the Bills can make their not so good  slash every night and keep TOs down  they will win most of the games....occasionally a team will have a great game and The Bills will lose...but if the Bills take care of business , they will be competitive in almost every game and win the majority  of them.

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