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  1. Put them back in the A10 would be cool
  2. I think we need another team with the Rams as their mascot.
  3. I only took a brief Google glance and saw Longwood and she was young, thanks for the other info, Pistol. Also related, Ny Toang just entered the transfer portal.
  4. Tra'Dayja Smith (spelling?) Just announced as assistant coach. Looks like she's just bringing over her Longwood staff at this point.
  5. Starring John Travolta as Gibson Jimmerson
  6. Shoulda put the Brett Jolly gif in there this is hilarious
  7. This week has just been a Rollercoaster of emotions. I'd already gone through the stages of grief only to have my hopes resurrected lol.
  8. Heavens, we're descending into 18th century French politics on a basketball board
  9. Hasahn just posted a video of him doing some football exercises, so maybe another shot at the NFL/XFL? My vibes are off the charts on that!
  10. I've never understood the difference. I know one is technically more "senior" than the other, but are there different duties?
  11. Looks like she brought on of her former assistants from Longwood Ryenn Micaletti.
  12. I didn't want to say anything, because it's pure conjecture, but I heard toward the end of the season the Perkins did not like playing with Yuri.
  13. Well we've got 10 days to find out or 11, I guess.
  14. I could see this creating some issues, lol. Reformation 2.0 started because of basketball
  15. This is a great post. I'm not angry at Yuri, I'm angry at the changing system.
  16. Do we have any info on support staff/assistant coaches? I saw a post with the team running practice and was wondering if they had said anything about hires.
  17. This is what upsets me the most, I think. I've been coming to Bills games since I was 5 and my dad has done stats for them since 1985 and he grew up watching with his dad. The Highmarks, Claggets, Jetts, and Bonners seem like a bygone era, but this has only happened in the past year. It just feels odd and sad.
  18. This is verrrrrry very upsetting, but I'm kinda angry at Yuri for making it seem like he was going to stay for so long.
  19. This ^ I have no doubts about Tillett's ability as a coach, but, as someone stated here earlier, she seems like just a younger Lisa Stone with less concrete experience in recruiting and leading a larger program. This hire isn't congruent with the expectations Chris May outlined for the program going forward, the frustration stems from this.
  20. This is all true ^ there were several years where the men's team (Crews era) were awful and the women's team were phenomenal and setting school records and making deep postseason runs. Financial prudence aside, every team carries the weight they can.
  21. This whole thing just whelms me. I don't know. I feel like this is a "We look like we're making a big move, but maintaining the status quo" type of hire.
  22. One thing out of many that I still hate about this is we can't say we have a coach that's solid as a rock (Stone) anymore.
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