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  1. Hard to chill when people will just forget about the team after this. The women have found more consistent success than the men and we struggle to get people to games.
  2. Well then are we ever going to have talent or are we just resigned to fouking stagnate? Parity in WBB fouking sucks
  3. Disagree with that, we make shots, we're in this. 23% FG would sink anyone and they're making some of the same mistakes we are, at times.
  4. My mom's name is Shari, sending all the support for her.
  5. Ok but hear me out: just like edit a blurb at the end like some documentaries do, no new footage.
  6. I mean, if it's underdog documentary style, it might be good. They should update it and add some footage now that they've made the tournament to make it a feel good doc.
  7. WTF? They made a doc about us? I feel like I should have known
  8. Lol Draftkings is probably just looking at records and reputation. This will be a 10 pt or less spread if they play like they did in the tournament.
  9. Empty platitudes? Ooftah, I want to know how we're getting 4/5 stars so we can compete, not how we're going to stroke the ego of the AD and build more buildings.
  10. Sunday after the Men's seems like an eternity
  11. I'm seriously down for changing coaches, it worked for the women.
  12. I don't know why Yuri is doing anything, he can't shoot tonight, pass it.
  13. I've only ever seen it once, thought it was great they brought Harry Morgan back as his character.
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