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  1. This ^ I have no doubts about Tillett's ability as a coach, but, as someone stated here earlier, she seems like just a younger Lisa Stone with less concrete experience in recruiting and leading a larger program. This hire isn't congruent with the expectations Chris May outlined for the program going forward, the frustration stems from this.
  2. This is all true ^ there were several years where the men's team (Crews era) were awful and the women's team were phenomenal and setting school records and making deep postseason runs. Financial prudence aside, every team carries the weight they can.
  3. This whole thing just whelms me. I don't know. I feel like this is a "We look like we're making a big move, but maintaining the status quo" type of hire.
  4. One thing out of many that I still hate about this is we can't say we have a coach that's solid as a rock (Stone) anymore.
  5. I didn't know this was a thing until today.
  6. If this is supposed to be the perception, what happens if she doesn't make the NCAA tournament in her first few years? Is she out? If they're serious about contending for the tournament every year, then this would not be ideal.
  7. But they want to make the NCAA tournament every year to Coach Tillett's credit, she did make the tournament, but that's a mighty small sample size.
  8. This ^ like I'm not going to not give her a chance, but this is entirely what it feels like.
  9. Not sure how to feel about this, I looked at her bio on Longwood's website and it doesn't really have much on what she did prior to Longwood.
  10. He's gonna be spending most of the off-season preparing for those soon-to-be initials behind his name
  11. We technically only had 5-6 active for a game or two, lol. I know what you mean though.
  12. I'd gently push back and say we could have been top half of the A10 if we weren't plagued by injury the entire season. A healthy for the whole season Ciaja, MST, Brooke, Kylie Bess, and Natalie McNeal wouldn't be winning the titles, but they'd put up respectable numbers.
  13. I didn't see Natalie enter the portal. We literally have no one but Brooke next year who has played consistently. Kylie Bess maybe, but otherwise...
  14. For what it's worth, too, Ciaja grad transferred to Vanderbilt minus Brooke and Natalie, this team is a bit of a husk right now.
  15. I just saw this. Putting on a jersey is really really confusing, seriously made it look like he committed to FGCU last week
  16. God I love hearing Band stories like that, so damn clever and consistent year after year.
  17. I have a feeling they'll probably wait to reopen until closer to the beginning of the Fall semester
  18. May as well just start a conference for Rams at that point.
  19. I did too which is why I was constantly frustrated with him, lol.
  20. I'm just frickin' worried about who they get and I want to know soon. I really liked Coach Stone and maybe had rose colored glasses in thinking she'd be here for a while longer.
  21. What? Do you mean in utility or skill? Gillman never improved in my view, Traore actually has potential.
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