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  1. To be fair, she's getting older, she still has it and consistently delivers entertaining performances every year.
  2. Yee haw, Cowboy, I agree we need to pay more attention to this.
  3. Oddly enough, it's his birthday today. Happy birthday, Ian!
  4. A picture I keep with me is a picture of 10 year old me at 5' standing next to Ian after a game. He was so much fun to watch and it's been so cool to see him represent his country so well. Hope his retirement leads him back to SLU for a visit someday.
  5. This would be my ideal ^ imagine the attendance at Chaifetz for all of those.
  6. Absolutely this ^ I can't excuse his game 4 antics, but he's been nothing but classy for his career.
  7. Won't touch this again, but it's not remotely the same lol, no politics on the board, please.
  8. This whole situation has ruined the playoffs for me. I want the Blues to win, but I can't stand the social media brigading against St. Louis; calling our city and franchise "dirty", "racist", or "Islamaphobic" over this is peak social media crapola. Now it's spilling over to another winter pastime here and it's on my final nerve.
  9. These were my first and second thoughts, respectively. Lol
  10. I'm so proud of Fred, but I love this as a meme lol
  11. Who doesn't want to see a revival of the Grandy Shuffle?
  12. I'll be 100% transparent that some of it is this for me. Stone just seemed like a rock (pun intended) and was a decent recruiter for a while. I think if you take away the covid and injury issues, we make the WNIT 1 of the last 3 years. That and under her tenure we had multiple team and individual records broken for the women's program. I understand wanting to elevate the program, but I'm skeptical of how it can work hiring a seemingly similar coach (one NCAA appearance notwithstanding).
  13. As I said to my dad today looks like Olean will be-lean next season.
  14. Part of it was because firing Stone was a head-scratcher given her success in breathing life into the program. Yes she had plateaued, but the firing seemingly came from nowhere.
  15. Agreed. No disrespect intended to either of them. In terms of team identity I think we're a bit disjointed, though.
  16. At this point it just feels like we're Longwood plus Brooke Flowers and Julia Martinez.
  17. If she has, my hopes for world peace seeing a Greek and a Turk play side-by-side have been dashed.
  18. They could rehire Kerri she's not from St. Louis but she's lived here like 7 out of the last 8 years and knows the program.
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