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  1. Guy Phillips will have a field day with that one.
  2. I was aware of the trade window, but not of the timeline. I didn't use Amex The Wizards jersey will be like a Gretzky Blues jersey at some point, I guess
  3. Motherf... I'm so happy for JGood but it took me 4 damn months to get a custom Wizards jersey
  4. This might be a stupid question thats already been covered, but related to TV contracts, what happens with our TV if/when Bally goes down the toilet?
  5. Are we taking bets on how many will want to be 69?
  6. Is that to offset the coach who left for the head coach gig at Slippery Rock?
  7. Drake would be fun to add, but they're a perennial contender in the MVC.
  8. Or we at least need to change the name because having 16 teams in the A-10 just sounds fuoking ridiculous.
  9. And because a billionaire obsessed with chess is donating a lot of money.
  10. I love that Kelly's Heroes is as much a counterculture movie from the late 60s/early 70s as it is a classic WWII movie.
  11. Plus, isn't the FH program usually toward the bottom compared to the costal schools? I would also feel bad.
  12. I was advocating you point to some folks a few weeks ago and they looked at me sideways.
  13. They keep the records from before the 90s in chaifetz in the pep band storage room in some nondescript filing cabinets, so the answer might be there. I've stol... appropriated some really cool memorabilia from the hockey team in the past.
  14. Or Harry is taking his first head coach job after next season (I know he never will but he's got experience out the wazoo)
  15. You'd be surprised at how we've hidden alcohol in recent years, haha.
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