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  1. I have no idea why the original was deleted, but this is awesome!
  2. She's not in the top 50 all time in blocks for nothing!
  3. That's crazy, we did really well on defense last night, I thought, but again our offense really needs to improve to pull out games like this.
  4. This shouldn't be happening unless results are consistent and they aren't.
  5. For women's bball or in general? The last couple of years we've had someone from Turkey, Greece, and Ivory Coast. I think we've made international headway before but not like that, lol
  6. Somebody in the comments said Franco fouled Oduro...I mean, Odruo took like 8 or 9 steps before Franco got close enough to touch him
  7. Lol glad you clarified it was from before the game, otherwise I would worry for your sanity.
  8. Lol Austin McBroom's trajectory is one of the oddest Billiken stories ever.
  9. Mr. Vice sounds like a caporegime in a low budget mafia movie and I think we need NIL material to cover that.
  10. 20/21 band members there tonight. Sounded strong and definitely helped the atmosphere for a great win!
  11. Good golly, Miss Molly that comment section.
  12. Yep. Not the Computer's fault that we perform below expectations.
  13. King Thatch, Jr. the man is more of a leader than Ford.
  14. Thanks, yeeeesh that does sound cringey. @Pistol I appreciate you guys doing a deep dive on the situation. I swear @Midtown Madness is a better publication than the PD for SLU sometimes.
  15. Out of good post reactions, but thank you for explaining everything I was too lazy to type, lol. This hits every nail on every head.
  16. Unfortunately, this position has no control over that.
  17. The cannon scares me because I always think of that Simpsons episode where Ned Flanders' wife is killed by a T-Shirt cannon launching her off bleachers.
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