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  1. They can legitimately go on a run in the tournament if they get a double bye with the 3 seed.
  2. I'm still surprised Julia isn't using her extra year. Maybe she wants to go out with a career year.
  3. I meant to say "I did"* but now I've lost the speculation lol
  4. Lol I didn't hear any of that but I didn't audibly call one of the refs a jacka$$ after the late no calls.
  5. If the women win at Loyola on Saturday, they're mathematically guaranteed a double bye in the tournament. They're the only team in the conference to secure any bye without a winning record.
  6. No lol he's 70 years old and Iona is likely his last stop. Plus baggage is not something I want in a new coach.
  7. Yeah I was shocked to see her name before the senior ceremony.
  8. I would imagine this means we're getting more inside looks in the games where he has more than 6.
  9. Time for the Explorers to claim their country from the Dukes. A rivalry not unlike the Flyers and the Penguins no doubt.
  10. I think it's a lame excuse. Recruit or don't, develop your current roster or don't.
  11. An extension at this point is unjustified. 2 years is plenty of time to recruit; that would be a lame excuse.
  12. This is the goal and aspiration he had for the women's program, why not the same accountability for the Men's program if Travis can only deliver 1 out of 7 seasons? That's irregular to me. He let Lisa Stone go and she had 3/4 consecutive postseason appearances in her 10 year tenure and WBB has a bigger achievement gap than MBB does.
  13. Honestly as many as there have been this season, I think Ford is gone if there's another.
  14. Last thing I want is to watch another 3 point, lights out performance from the other team.
  15. Positive vibes for Richmond's Coach Mooney. Meanwhile, let's crush these Spiders into the ground.
  16. I mean...I've never experienced looking up a player only to find something very adult instead
  17. Solid pick-up. Good to see we're getting some decent people. Edit: DO NOT look up Brooklyn Gray without the word basketball. Apparently there's a porn star with the same name.
  18. She's so good is really the discussion here, lol.
  19. She definitely the best defensive player the program has ever seen. I think she still has an outside chance at the WNBA if she wants it, but she'll have an exercise science degree and that will honestly mean more money for her.
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