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  1. This was my whole off-season issue with her. We are not Longwood and we shouldn't try to be Longwood. A clean slate should mean a clean slate.
  2. I definitely never expected it, but the AD certainly hinted they did.
  3. My issue, though, is that he definitely made the change with a "win now" mentality and definitely did not, in my mind, mean for a potential 3 to 4 year rebuild to happen. He saw 1 year of NCAA success in Coach Tillett and hired her. Again, it hasn't been a full season, but I don't like what I've seen so far.
  4. Everyone seems to have their best 3 pt night against us. I think it's a combination of being bad at guarding the 3 and just running into teams during hot streaks
  5. May specifically said he wants the women's program to compete consistently in the NCAA Tournament (we can discuss why this is unrealistic given the achievement gap in WBB) but a win/results now mentality to me feels like she has 2 to 3 at max. May painted himself into a corner.
  6. The only one that has made any impression so far is Kyla McMakin. Edit: and she's a senior
  7. I completely agree. The last 2 years weren't her fault. I think we were about to be in a rebuild but we had to be the unluckiest D-I women's program from a month long covid pause to 75% of our team being injured at various points. Not even Geno Auriemma would have been able to win under those conditions.
  8. Fingers crossed option 2 fades away so we have room to do it
  9. I'm still just very unhappy with the way they just cast Stone aside considering she brought the program back from the dead with her recruiting.
  10. I'm confused by the wording of the question, but we had Ciaja (left because Coach Stone left) Brooke, Julia Martinez, and Natalie McNeal which would have been a solid core to recruit around.
  11. The fact that you're constantly monitoring a Fellowship while maintaining this profile is a feat in itself, so I don't believe you're incompetent lol
  12. By her Instagram, it looks like she's really enjoying retirement.
  13. My dad has been an on and off unofficial member of manual stats for 37 years. He's been doing exclusively TV stats for the last 23 or so next to Danny Mac/Scott Warmann/Pat Parris, etc. He knows these guys really well.
  14. This acronym reminds me of EVIL from SpongeBob. Every Villain Is Lemons
  15. This is fuoking atrocious, it's expensive to get Flo Sports just for women's basketball, I wish they'd just do ESPN+ since there's more access
  16. If they get to 2015-2017 levels of good, then they'll get tons of folks in the seats. Those teams were legendary.
  17. https://www.instagram.com/p/ClRl0a5uLK1/?igshid=N2ZiY2E3YmU= This is cool, but I wish their record reflected it...
  18. It's ok if you couldn't sleep, but now you know
  19. They weren't doing any food/apps when I went. They must have stopped around 8 or 8:30.
  20. If there had been smoking, I would have been out a lot sooner than 45 minutes and 1 drink lol. My body can't tolerate it.
  21. The Wiz predicted the spread for the Evansville game...
  22. I'm f***ing tired of the Conference Tournament being our only way into the Dance. I'll beat this drum into the ground forever. It's just not fun.
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