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  1. I honestly just want to take Schertz out to my favorite brewery with food so he can get as much foodie info as possible. Dude is gonna love South City.
  2. Trilly is a step below my particular G-d of Abraham right now in terms of prophecy.
  3. Man everyone shoots for the moon at 18, don't they?
  4. Dude says he loves sushi, he's already on my good side.
  5. Two VERY different environments there
  6. You'd have to sell your soul and call everyone "big guy."
  7. Petition for this to be Avila's SLU theme song? Too dirty?
  8. Broadcast did a great job of showing everything in the arena really well. The Vermont game feed was hilariously weird.
  9. The love fest is for real Long grain rice recipe ftw
  10. I eat rice for dinner every night, if anyone cares, so I too like rice.
  11. Not gonna comment on any of that, but it's very entertaining.
  12. Man, I'm just here for the drama between the board, Doc, and Hoosierpal
  13. This is where I am at. If she makes more NCAA tournaments with us AND we advance at least once or twice, then she might move on.
  14. Bring the hype y'all @billikenfan05 is doing his best
  15. I definitely need another t-shirt to add to last year's A10 Champs shirt ^^
  16. It was a 2 point loss in a championship game. Touch grass, ya fool.
  17. They could have road tripped in the VW for all we know... *cue Goin' Up the Country by Canned Heat*
  18. Maybe they have ice cream hangovers from celebrating at the OG Ben and Jerry's last night, lol.
  19. Damn, so they knew it would be STL a while ago, just didn't know where sounds like.
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