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  1. 4th player that’s announced they’re leaving memphis in under a week. Coincidence?
  2. Definitely some shade/coachspeak.
  3. Would you rather have Nesbitt or McKissic... I think we will get Nesbitt and I will throw a fit if we don't.
  4. Makes me feel good to be where we're at... a transfer doesn't choose us, and I feel just as good as I did 20 minutes ago. Meanwhile Mizzou is fuming.
  5. Higher risk higher reward... no matter what with all the transfers going on, I would bet we have one more departure. Our team is getting more and more crowded with guys that will play right now. I think it’s a good problem to have, but I expect some very happy days with a big transfer and some sad seeing a kid go.
  6. It's definitely an interesting thought... but we are so young (eligibility wise). Fred Soph, TJ Soph, GJ Fresh, Markhi Fresh, etc.. We don't really need to get freshmen and are able to cherry pick guys that have developed elsewhere.
  7. And Okoro in the middle causing havoc with the blonde beauty that is Linssen and big boy Bell coming off the bench... This team is going to be a lot of fun. FT and TJ will hopefully be able to combo what we are losing from JG (if he doesn't return).
  8. yup... Chicago/Midwest guy going down to Norman doesn't make too much sense to me... There's no Nebraska, Northwestern, Wake Forest, or BC in that league. Yes Iowa State and KState were garbage this year, but both of those programs are traditionally pretty darn good. The only team with no winning history is TCU with a coach that has coached in 24 NCAA tournament games at exactly .500. So when playing TCU and Jaime Dixon is your off night - good luck.
  9. Moser and UNT coach finalists at OU... I tell you one thing, hard to win in the Big 12.... on an average year that conference has max 3 teams that aren’t tournament teams. That means 70% of the games you play is against top competition. Plus filling this shoes of Lon Kruger isn’t ideal. If I was Porter, I would be very hesitant to go to Norman.
  10. I think this kid playing off of Yuri (under the assumption of health and improvement for both of them this offseason) will be like watching poetry in motion... Then add Perkins, our go-to-guy, and we will have three of the most creative offensive skillsets I have seen playing together in Billiken uniforms.
  11. with a sprinkle of Perkins at the FT line
  12. plus tramaine was listed at 6'1" but he was barely 6'0" in person... Hoping Rashad is a legit 6'2"
  13. from following this guy's hype on twitter... MSU fans wanted Izzo to go after him. He's a pretty big time transfer. I would be very happy with this get but that's just me.
  14. Fred Thatch has taken the toughest guard matchup over Goodwin in many games this year defensively... He will continue to do that.
  15. if we bring him in, i bet it's to support Perk in scoring but not to take away minutes from thatch/hargrove/yuri... probably a 20 min type guy.
  16. Rashad Williams plays with swagger and shoots a ton of threes. His % isn't tremendous, but watching his tape I think it's due to his coach giving him the 100% green light any time no questions asked. He shot all the time - deep, hands in face, double teamed, you name it he hucked it. His freshman year he was 40%. My favorite part of his game though is he can score driving to the rack and the mid-range... Let's get this kid and give him 25 mins a game... He can score like Perkins.
  17. With the recent comments on Verge and our interest in a guy that isn't even in the portal, i would expect if we arent all in on McKissic then our team has knowledge on some other guys like Verge that plan on entering the portal and aren't there yet (aka not known to the public).
  18. he's a beast... but I think his brother is better. That would be a great add for Loyola though.
  19. I would say Demarius was and Gibson is the main risk to leave... Demarius is a large hit and so would be Gibby, but I honestly think (especially with the current 1,000+ players in the portal) we will be able to fill the roles. There are plenty of scorers and sharpshooters out there right now. Definitely sad to see Demarius go and really really hope Gibson or anyone else doesn't follow - but this is Ford's bread and butter.
  20. Well, we just got one more spot... I can't wait to see who Ford brings in to get this board and me extremely excited
  21. Best of luck to DJ... I'll miss his dunks and an ability to run the baseline for layups/dunks unlike any billiken I have seen.
  22. It seems to be naïve to use any story from the media as proof for an argument - "player in the gym at 6 am developing all on his own, this guy outworks which is why he's improved, etc." Ford is the MASTER of coach speak and praising his players in the media/using and or manipulating the media as motivation.
  23. this is maybe the scariest thing i've seen in a game.... Did the ref just collapse?
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