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  1. The Dukes should lose to Dayton, even at home, but with their defense, they ain't getting run out of any gym.
  2. Some of you may not be in the mood to read this post from a fan who had no dog in last night's fight, but that was a really entertaining game from my perspective. I watched the whole game. These 2 teams really showcased the league. Sorry to see your team come up on the short end in a real heart-breaker. It was interesting to read the 2 fan-bases respective message boards during the game. Here's a link to one of the boards that Dayton has https://udpride.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33798. Despite the Bills loss to Dayton, I still believe they have a realistic shot at the NCAA. Teams like SLU, Duquesne, VCU, Richmond and Rhode Island just can't afford to lose to the bottom-feeders in the league like GW, Fordham, UMass and St. Joe. I know a lot of the Duquesne fans were pulling for Dayton because they are really looking forward to the Jan, 29 game at Duquesne and they want Dayton to be in the Top 10. I wasn't looking at last night's game that way. It will be interesting to see if the Dukes get any where close to 10,000 fans for their home game with Dayton. I'd be happy if 5,000 to 6,000 show up as long as half of them aren't Dayton fans. (They travel well to Pittsburgh for Saturday games in Pittsburgh. Luckily, this is a Wed. game). I was at the DU-Fordham game at PPG Paints Arena the other day and only 2300 showed up. It was only the 2nd game of the season for them at a venue within walking distance of the campus on an evening with perfect weather conditions so that was a disappointing turnout for a team having its best season in 49 years. Good luck to your team the rest of the way. I believe 4 teams from the A-10 will make it this year and 2 of them should be SLU and the Dukes if the rest of the schedule plays out like it should. By the way, SLU's loss AT Duquesne was not a "bad loss" like some have claimed.
  3. It's on ESPNU at midnight, Eastern Time.
  4. During the Dukes' ESPN+ game at St. Joe, Lunardi explained why he liked them more after watching them in person. He said he was impressed because of the way Duquesne plays as a TEAM, more-so than the one-sided look of the score against St. Joe's. However, you are right. Duquesne still has a lot to prove. They play at the arena of all of the teams you mentioned except Richmond. I doubt they will win all of those games. But if they can win at least 3 difficult road games, they have a decent shot at making the NCAA. Beating Dayton (home or away) would be huge for anybody in the A-10 although it looks like Toppin may not be able to play for awhile due to an ankle injury. So that would downgrade any team's win over Dayton if they don't have Toppin. Duquesne has played all of its games away from its campus. Even their "home" games have mostly been 30-40 minute bus rides in rush hour traffic to suburban Robert Morris and Div. III LaRoche. It is remarkable they are 14-2 considering the circumstance. Seven out-of-conference games have been at neutral sites. Their 2 losses were due to travel fatigue according to their coach, Keith Dambrot. I will admit, I am a Duquesne fan above all other teams in the A-10. But I would rather see 4-5 teams make the NCAA from the A-10 (even if it did not include Duquesne). I think 3-4 teams can make it this year. I root hard for EVERY team in the league during the Nov.-Dec. non-conference part of the schedule. I think your Billikens have a reasonable shot at making the Big Dance if they win the same type of games that you say Duquesne needs to win. Winning at Richmond (who has several good out of conference wins) was huge for Saint Louis. Good luck to your team. I'll be rooting for them the rest of the way, save for their contest against the Dukes. I've watched many Bills games on Fox Sports Midwest channel 671 on the Directv system I subscribe to. Jordair Jett is one of my all-time favorite names in college hoops. I can't believe it's been 6 years since him and Rob Loe (without the w) played there.
  5. I enjoy reading this message board because I am a fan of A-10 basketball. I also enjoy seeing the passion and interest in the Saint Louis fans on this board for their team and the league. I wish every team in this league had the passionate fan-base that the Billikens have. I was just wondering what any of you think about Joe Lunardi including Duquesne on this week's NCAA bracket projection. If you watched any of the Dukes/St. Joe Hawks game on Wed., Lundardi (a St. Joes color analyst) seemed impressed by Duquesne. Some of you seem to be skeptical about the Dukes despite the fact that 4 of their top 5 players are back from a team that went 11-7 in the league last year.
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