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  1. I feel bad for all the college players whose eligibility is up after this season. They didn't expect their careers to be over already.
  2. From a Duquesne perspective, I am not sure why you guys are favoring Hughes over Weathers. The only thing Hughes has over Weathers is his shot-blocking ability. Weathers is better overall as a player. Also, Carry should be second team, not third team. He is the Dukes' MVP in my opinion. The Dukes deserve 2 guys among the 3 All-A-10 teams so I would go with Carry second team. Weathers third team. Hughes is also a bit of a head case who gets into foul trouble too easily so he should only get hon. mention if there is such a thing. Also, Rhodey's Russell should be a lock for first team.
  3. Well said. Ford seems to be a decent coach, but I would take Dambrot over him. Look at their records. Dambrot's is better. The 3-4 posters on here who have mentioned that Dambrot is a terrible person are misinformed. He didn't have to come to Duquesne when he was doing well at Akron. That's not really that big a step up for a guy who was 58 when he changed jobs. He came to DU because he remembers as a child that the Dukes were a top eastern program (during the late 40s through early 70s, look it up). His dad played there in the 50s when they always excelled in the NIT (when that tournament was a big deal). Coming to Duquesne is like family to him. The Duquesne fans (the few that are left are 40 years of losing) love him. He is also close to LeBron and if LeBron thought this man were racist, he would not have a lifelong friendship with Dambrot.
  4. So he used that word 20 years ago in an ill-advised manner that cost him a coaching job. So that makes him a terrible person who should be shunned for the rest of his life? Wow!! The cancel culture has struck again.
  5. The ESPN Boxscore had it 9 for 24, they corrected it to 10 for 25. Regardless, Keith Dambrot was not happy about his team's showing at the line. He mentioned on the post-game show that everyone who shot at least 2 foul shots, were terrible. Weathers was only 3 for 9. That's inexcusable since most of the misses weren't even close.
  6. Yeah. I mentioned something about SLU's woes at the line about 90 minutes ago and also said Duquesne has turned into another SLU at the line. Your team's biggest problem is French. He makes Shaq look good at the line.
  7. Duquesne was 9 for 24 from the LINE, not the 3-point line. 6th grade teams shoot better than that at the line. With a little practice, I think I could do better than that and I haven't played basketball in over 30 years.
  8. Good luck to your team against the Bonnies. Lofton and Osunniyi are legit big-time players. If they play well, SLU will have their hands full. If they don't, the Bills should win by double-digits. I can't complain if my Dukes finish 6th. Sixth may be better than 4th since they would be on the opposite side of the bracket from Dayton. But they would still be on the same side as Richmond and Rhodey
  9. Richmond is playing much stronger against Duquesne than what Dayton did against Duquesne . They should be no worse than an 8-9 seed at the Big Dance but they probably still need 2 more A-10 tourney wins just to get a 12-seed.
  10. Littlebill, don't think insulting me is necessary just because you disagree with my opinion. I am trying to be respectful on this board.
  11. Duquesne played 8-10 games that should be considered Q1 or Q 1 1/2 games, but the rigged computer system says otherwise
  12. If you have been reading this thread since around 7 pm, you know I am a Duquesne fan who is also an A-10 fan.. Since about 7 pm., I have been complaining how a league that plays a difficult OC schedule that features 5 20-win teams, and 10 15-win teams, I like Duquesne foremost but I am not going to cry if Richmond wins. The Spiders, Rhode Island, even SLU should be locks for the NCAA, but the computer system is rigged for the power conferences. It's a bleepin joke. Richmond should be an automatic NCAA team. It annoys me that they need to win this game to assure that possibility when they should already be locks. It also annoys me that Duquesne has no shot for the NCAA despite being 21-8 basically playing all of its games on the road and on neutral courts. PPG Paints may be in PIttsburgh, but Duquesne never practices there and only plays a handful of games there. They only played 14 "home" games all season and they had to bus it 30-45 minutes to 8 of those so-called games.
  13. Gilyard's steals are killing the Dukes. They need to cut down the turnovers and they need TDM to heat up from trey land.
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