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  1. Pitbull is locked and loaded...
  2. Hopefully my slu bias doesn’t end up costing me in the end!
  3. Of course the one molinar FT miss some unnamed reason the ball wasn’t live
  4. Gotta see some Perkins buckets and Jgood rebounds and we’ll be good
  5. I also wish they would do more looking at UCLA and Louisville instead of viewing them as for sure locks like most analysts do
  6. Someone said yesterday it’s unlikely they put both WSU and Michigan state (both 70s NET) which would be nice. Although who knows what the committee will do. One would hope LSU and Bonnies wins today would at least propel us above them if we’re not already
  7. Im so sick of seeing that headline on the ticker. No way they’re making it. Just trying to stay relevant
  8. Is this the result we wanted? How firmly do we feel about Wichita being an at large?
  9. wow what a horrible play out of timeout
  10. Horrible offense down the stretch by USF
  11. We don’t talk about that. As such, I have no idea what game you’re talking about
  12. Anyone know the amount of second chance points they have?
  13. We’re in it. We were down 9 at half 2 years ago
  14. Good news is that we can’t play much worse in the second half
  15. They have made every single circus shot they throw up
  16. How many straight fouls on us is that?
  17. Thinking we might need some big games from Gibby and jacobs. Hope they can shake off whatever funk they’re in
  18. A10 refs must’ve been studying some obi toppin tape from last year because they’re calling way more moving screens
  19. The legend of yuri coming alive in the postseason lives on
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