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  1. I suppose, but generally SLU gets no love up north.
  2. After I graduated from SLU I had a rough time finding a job and had to move back home to Milwaukee. It is so unbelievably demoralizing how no one up here has ever heard of SLU. I can't stand people from Marquette. For my sanity I need the Bills to go farther in the tournament than Marquette.
  3. I am a pretty recent SLU grad and looking to go to the Xavier game. I am living in Milwaukee so I don't get to see my team very often (in person or on TV) and my girlfriend and I (also a SLU grad) were thinking about flying in for the game. We just decided to do this tonight and were looking into tickets and all that is left is pretty high up. I know there really isn't a bad seat in Chaifetz but I was just wondering if anyone had 2 extra tickets they were looking to get rid of.
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