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  1. Over here in North Carolina, my son is obsessed with the ACC teams so hasn't paid much attention to the Bills. Over the past couple of months, he gotten very interested and calls me to ask how they're doing. During Friday night's game, he called me and said "Who's that # 5 guy? What an athlete!" I told him about Jordair being an athlete deluxe who the play by play guy calls "JJ the jet plane." Couple of minutes later after some JJ rebounds he called me back to say he understood where the nickname came from. His hops really are amazing. Anyone know his vertical? Got to be 44" or more.
  2. I'm curious to know what will happen with Tselentakis. Any word on whether he's expected to be part of the program next year? Also, with Cory's development over the last six weeks, and Rob showing the beginnings of a post game, are we as worried about who will replace Conk as we were before?
  3. Gotta agree about Saintsations. Talk about a team making progress through the course of a season. There were a few nines sprinkled in with the tens early on, but by the end of the year, all tens. Good work ladies!
  4. Just saw Rick doing his post game interview on CBS College Sports. He was really emotional about Conklin completing his career. Effusive in his praise for MSU and Green. Said we came out nervous which is why the shooting was so off.
  5. Would love to see Cory improve in the off-season as much as Conk did last year. Combine his athleticism with increased skills and we don't fall off at all.
  6. It was a fun ride, shoot like we're capable and we're in the Sweet 16. Can't wait 'til next year.
  7. Down 3 at 7.1. Really should be a few more tenths put on.
  8. 2:54, Bills down 2. MSU ball with about 15 on the clock.
  9. 4:04, JJ to shoot two. Misses the first. Makes second, down 2.
  10. JJ has come up big today with steals, boards, buckets, and FTs. Need someone else to join him.
  11. Frustrating to play D this well, and shoot this poorly.
  12. Don't think it was a flagrant, but was definitely a foul. How can no call be made there?
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