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  1. Three fouls on Sanders with the tech. Salecich will shoot two. first good, second good. We're up two. Cory shoots one, and it's good. 23-20 us after the five point play.
  2. VCU 8-14 from the floor, 57%. Young roots out a rebound. Under 8 timeout, 7:42 to go.
  3. Skeen schooling our bigs. Up 20-16. Salecich misses a trey. Willie with the offensive board. Cody misses. Danger time here.
  4. 18-16 bad guys. Willie steps OB, under 12 timeout, VCU ball. Need some stops.
  5. Skeen scores in the paint, steal Skeen. VCU trey. They're up two. I don't know who turned it over for us.
  6. VCU and one. 16-13 good guys after the missed FT, about 12:30 to go. Offensive foul on Conklin, Rickma very upset. "That's a terrible call!"
  7. Willie Reed pull up jump and it's 14-9. VCU scores in the paint. 14-11. VCU press is bothering us a little. Conk scores. 16-11
  8. VCU makes two FTs and it's 12-9, about the 14 min. mark.
  9. Trey for the bad guys. We're up 10-7. Smith follows Kwamain's miss. Up 12-7.
  10. Reed, Ellis, Smith, Cassity and Mitchell in. Skeen for a deuce and it's 9-4. Willie will shoot two. He makes one of two. We're up 10-4
  11. VCU scoreless on first three possessions. Willie already out after two minutes. Bills up 6-0
  12. It's one they left on the cutting room floor. It's called: "One Dull Moment"
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