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  1. LMU is ready to go. Heard the end of their game last night and post game show and they recognize that the Bills are very good. They say they're ready for the challenge. Bills better set the trophy aside and get to work.
  2. KC makes another triple. 83-61. Final 83-63. What a performance by the Billikens!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Okie finally misses a triple and we board the miss. 3:28 to go. Conk makes both. 77-61. Conk has 25.
  4. Last media timeout. We've got to get stronger on the def. glass. Okie has just killed us there. Majerus's offense is so terrific and when the triples are dropping it's something to see. Still, we've got to get more physical.
  5. We're in the double bonus. A lot of hoops left to play and a lot of FTs left to make. We'll shoot two.
  6. Dwayne needs to hit these FTs. 6-0 Okie run. 68-56. He makes the first and the second.
  7. Thank goodness RL showed up tonight. Okie hitting tough shots. Tied 19-19 at 17:13.
  8. They've got us mostly stymied in the halfcourt, but we get the steal and are up 17-14. Great steal by KM and hustle by Dwayne.
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