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  1. Looks like he's completely lost his confidence. Weird because he was so hot for 2/3 of the season.
  2. When you're kicking someone's ass, you get talked up.
  3. According to what I'm seeing today, we're building a program brick by brick.
  4. We've got good outside shooters, unfortunately, this game is being played indoors.
  5. Looks like we don't have anything for their zone. We either start hitting some triples or ...
  6. Don't like the way this is going. Nothing from the perimeter at all.
  7. Somebody needs to step up on O. Dwayne can't score 60 by himself. All bricks so far from the arc.
  8. D's a little loose in the lane so far. Tighten it up boys.
  9. Article here regarding SLU coaching position: http://www.stlsportsminute.com/2013/03/saint-louis-billikens-slu-should-pursue.html Anyone like the idea of Amaker if Crews turns it down?
  10. Wonder what the bpi analysis would be for Georgetown and Florida Gulf Coast prior to last night's game.
  11. Good article on RM from the San Jose Mercury News. http://www.mercurynews.com/ci_22836025/purdy-rick-majerus-spirit-lives-hearts-billikens
  12. Pretty solid club, Bills have their hands full with the Ducks.
  13. My God they called a foul on New Mex St. McCall was definitely hammered on that layup, so obvious.
  14. When refs get word that a team loves to draw charges, they'll stop giving you those calls. Better to keep that info on the QT.
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