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  1. Incorrect about "Bullet" Bob Hayes. He played at Florida A&M in the early '60s. By his Sr. year there, he was known as the "World's Fastest Human". I remember how much was made of that in our local newspaper when he came to Greensboro to play N.C. A&T. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Hayes
  2. My first thought as well. I was wondering what the heck was going on. When Jim Nantz didn't start giving a play by play on the number of shooters, I figured it would be OK. I don't recall the booms from previous years. Just drop the confetti and let the crowd reaction supply the background noise.
  3. His highlights remind me of Rodney Rogers in high school in the late '80s, early 90s. Rodney was a man among boys in high school and Agbeko has some similarities. Not sure he has three point range the way Rogers did but he looks like a very solid 4 or 5. Props to the coaching staff.
  4. That game was a war. Hancock came up huge. Major props to Wichita State for making the FF and giving the 'ville all it could handle.
  5. Props to Santa Clara for their CBI championship. Took two out of three from George Mason.
  6. Link to an article about George Crowe: http://media-server.therepublic.com/scripts/foxisapi.dll/wmsql.wm.request?ONEIMAGE&imageid=375043/ Wasn't aware of him so thanks for pointing it out. Here's another terrific series of articles on Crowe. http://www.blackfives.com/george-crowe-life-place-time-part1/ Didn't start playing basketball until his Jr. year. The more I learn about his story the more I want to know.
  7. OMG. First time I've seen it. I was listening online and the announcers were horrified by it. Thoughts and prayers to Kevin Ware.
  8. I agree. You're talking about a team that played beyond it's talent level and won championships not seen at SLU in many decades. If you paid attention, you saw a team that was struggling to shoot as the season wore on. This team hopped on Evan's strong shoulders and went as far as they could until a really good coach, Altman, said we're not letting Evans beat us. The bar has to be gradually raised as the profile of the program improves and top recruits show an interest. Until then, it'll remain a program of guys who are either 2" too short or need to jump 2" higher, in other words, tweeners a
  9. My guess is a 5 year deal, hopefully for not more than 3 million total. Unfortunately, that's under the going rate these days.
  10. He said Crews ran the "shuffle offense" at Evansville. He mentioned a coach's name before that but I can't recall which one. It was invented in the early '50s but the coach he named isn't the one who invented it. Dean Smith was an early proponent of the shuffle and brought numerous innovations to it.
  11. The trend line on our three point shooting had been going down for a while and it finally caught up to us on a day when everyone shot poorly. I'd been worried about this for some time, but one way or the other they had found a way to win. The Ducks were en fuego on the same day we were at absolute zero and that's the story of the game. As for Majerus's ghost, his name was Jim Crews and he did a great job this year. Stop trying to take away from it.
  12. Thanks for the kind words. Phil Knight University might actually give the Cardinals a battle.
  13. Gotta hope there are some shooters in that group. MM ended the year shooting terribly and with no confidence. Very difficult to understand considering how good he was the first 20 games. RL and Jake have proven to be a streaky shooters but nothing more, JJ can't be counted on, GG and DE need to be power players. Somewhere between McBroom, Drew, and Crawford we've got to find some reliable shooters. Also, this board is way higher on Manning than it should be. He's was a 2 star recruit according to Scout and shows why on the court. Very skinny, not strong at all, with kind of a odd looking shot
  14. If Ben Howland wants the job I'd take him.
  15. Can't figure out what the committee had against the Pac 12 this year. They need to scrap the rpi and use a more sophisticated measure to assess these teams. There are plenty of them out there.
  16. Let's get a coach, get some recruits, and restore confidence to our shooters. Time for many Conklin summers.
  17. Well 7-0 run cuts it to 16, as if it mattered.
  18. 1-17 from the arc, and 16 of 'em weren't close. Choke job.
  19. Disappointing way to end a great season. Hope our shooters get their confidence back in the off season.
  20. Mike isn't looking for his shot because he's lost confidence, jj passed up an open elbow jumper, no one can score.
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