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  1. Crawford definintely needs to be playing. He's a baller who's getting better by the day.
  2. Good news, they missed a front end. McBroom goes Hollywood. Down 6.
  3. McBroom fouls the 3 point shooter and we're down nine. In the absence of a miracle I'm calling ballgame.
  4. 10-0 run bad guys. We haven't had a good possession since... I can't remember.
  5. In on Ben Jacobsen. Open up the checkbook and get us a coach.
  6. Down three, what an embarrassing half of basketball. UMass was awful and we were worse.
  7. Manning drops the pass and it falls out of bounds. Good Lord.
  8. Didn't get back on D twice in a row. Ash with another silly turnover.
  9. Could someone explain wtf our offense is? 8-0 run bad guys.
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