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  1. Loyola Marymount losing at home to Columbia 36-22 at the half.
  2. LMU has two cupcakes and one "cupcake for cupcakes" in their so-called tournament this weekend. They'll win all three games handily. Still, I don't think they have enough cache with the voters to take them seriously. If we spank Portland, the only way I see we maintain a ranking is if most of those who left us off last week put us at 24 or 25.
  3. The parents of the Loyola Marymount team are too blame for giving their kids the gene that allowed their players to be quicker and jump higher than our players.
  4. Glad Sikma is no longer on the Portland squad. We've got to be more competitive on the glass. Loe needs to step it up and stop thinking of himself as solely a perimeter player. Toughen up Rob, the team needs you.
  5. We've got to find a way to rebound better. Was really hoping that Rob would be more of a force on the glass, and am surprised Dwayne isn't pulling down more boards. It'd be helpful if Cory would give us more there as well but I'm not sure he has it in him.
  6. Team has to get over this quickly and get ready for Portland. Our weaknesses were exposed tonight in terms of a team with quickness beating us to 50-50 balls, making great steals, and hitting tough shots. They denied Conklin the post, cut down our driving lanes, and recovered to contest threes. As good as we played against Nova and Oklahoma was how good LMU played tonight. The officiating was questionable all game long, worse in the second half. This loss is tough to accept but I hope our guys learn from it and use it to maintain their focus.
  7. We lose 75-68. Totally outplayed by a more athletic team who shot lights out.
  8. Ireland for them has been fantastic. They're just a better team, give it up to 'em.
  9. Getting hammered on the boards, got to give it up to LMU's coach. He's had a countermove to anything we've tried to do.
  10. down 8 under 5, our ball, they're just too quick, we can't keep 'em in front of us, and can't get anything in the lane.
  11. Gonna take a miracle. They're just too quick for us and they're not missing.
  12. We're getting jobbed by the refs. This is ridiculous. 5 to play, down 6
  13. This is not going well at all. Momentum is completely on LMU's side. Refs are ridiculous. Sucks.
  14. 11 turnovers on us this half, two more than our per game average.
  15. Terrible first half, worst half of the year by far, 10-0 run by the bad guys fueled by our terrible ball handling. JJ killing us with turnovers, can't feed the post without throwing it away. Who are those imposters wearing blue?
  16. Sluggish start, can't hit from the floor, a little careless with the ball. Got to get their act together.
  17. ^^^ This post is dead on. It's really been fun to see such great basketball so far this year.
  18. Congrats to the Bills! Can we get a rematch with Carleton now? Would like to see how we stack up with the Duke of Canada. We owe those guys.
  19. A tape of last night's game should be in every coach's video library. The halfcourt O and D were things of beauty, and the shots going in the icing on the cake.
  20. I've been wondering about this too. The pre-game was on yesterday at 7:45, then just before the tip, it went silent, and hasn't been back up yet. You get a goofy ad, then silence. Anyone know what's going on?
  21. Wonder if we could compete with Carleton at this point.
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