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  1. It was not clear to me why Chris Mack was given the technical foul. The ref who called the foul was half way across the court when he called it. I assume Mack must have been riding that ref earlier in the game, but.... Does anyone know why the ref called the foul?
  2. I was one of the people who thought that Kyle would not become a really good player. Boy, was I wrong. I doubt he will become a NBA-caliber player, but he is definitely good and very important to this team right now. Way to go Kyle. And I will shut up about my assessment of players' talent.
  3. Great - both big men are having career nights for Portland. Goes to show our weakness in defending in the paint.
  4. I hope you have a chance to read the article about Brian C. in the Post-Dispatch today. It is a very good article about how Brian is more concerned with the team than with himself. I have always been impressed with his grit and tenacity on the court, but I am more impressed with his attitude. He is a great ambassador for our university!
  5. Not exonerating the woman in the least (she was stupid!), but it is going to be hard for me to root for KM if/when he returns. I am glad that WR, JJ, and JS are gone. Oh yes, we might lose more games this year, but I would rather support a team I respect (albeit somewhat out of ignorance) than root for a team led by people who have behaved very improperly. To even consider taking advantage of a woman by having multiple men use her (which they did) is inexcusable in my opinion.
  6. Actually, I think Jordair Jett is going to be our go-to guy within the next couple of months. He clearly has a nose for the basketball and has enough control of his body to not foul when he is driving.
  7. I have just purchased two general admissions tickets at the box office. The situation is that if you are season ticket holders in the Loyal Blue or Gold sections, then you can get your season seats for $20. If you have season tickets in the "General Reserved" sections, then you can NOT get your season seat and must purchase a general admissions ticket and then get to the game early enough to get a good seat. If the Billikens win this game, then for the next home game even General Reserved season ticket holders can "reserve their own seats". HOWEVER, if the Billikens win that game (the second game), then General Reserved season ticket holders will NOT be able to reserve their season seats. etc etc.. This is what I was told by multiple people. I have written a letter to Chris May and Father Biondi protesting the University's handling of these tickets. They had more than enough time to prepare for post-season play. I recommend you do the same. Their email addresses are: cmay8@slu.edu biondi@slu.edu, tickets@slu.edu,
  8. Boy, have the Billikens come a long way this year! The win against Dayton was great - the guys kept their poise even after Dayton came within 2 of tying the game. What imposed me much this game (and several other recent games) is the Billikens' ability to break the press. If I recall correctly, they were never really seriously challenged by Dayton's press. They aggressively came toward the passed ball and were spread out well on the court so that they were always able to pass up the court and not get trapped. Earlier this year, I always cringed when another team pressed us. Unless KM dribbled out of the press, it often seemed that our team struggled with the press and frequently turned it over. Well no more. Our boys can break the press and keep their poise. Good job guys.
  9. I agree with Jerram's comments. No one wants to stifle fans' engagement in the game, but in can be done in an appropriate way. I am amazed about how many fans in my area (101) sit throughout the entire game and then get up to yell and wave their hands for little colored balls. I am screaming my voice hoarse in most games. Go Bills.
  10. Thank you Mtbills1 and others for your thoughtful comments to my post. I teach at SLU and try to help students be more articulate and use words properly. Many students, however, are unwilling to learn and settle to just "speak good" (ouch I hope that hurt your ears). It is my hope that our students are clever enough to come up with really good chants without resorting to coarse words or crude statements or copying other schools' chants. And I do agree with you about the cheerleaders' uniforms and dances. I would not want my daughter prancing around in front of a male-dominated crowd in some of their outfits and making some of their provocative moves. I look forward to your thoughtful response.
  11. As a Xavier fan I'm not trying to Flame. Take it for what it's worth...many times in last nights game the chant of Bull**** was loudly heard coming through the TV. Thank you for commenting about this issue. I DO have two young children and am hoping to bring them to Billiken's games in the future. I am a season ticket holder and have been for a number of years. Some of the profanity is NOT appropriate for little children and is unnecessary. Hopefully SLU fans are able to communicate emotionally and effectively with words that are longer than four letters or hyphenated four-letter words such as bullxxxx. Don't we want families with little children to attend games? Of course we do, thus some moderation in the use of profanity would be beneficial and appropriate. I think the Blue Crew has been great, and hopefully they can come up with some really clever chants.
  12. While searching for current information about Loe and his status, I came across the U. of Arizona PointGuard.com website that contained some nice comments about SLU, SLU, and Majerus. You can find them at ..... http://www.pointguardu.com/cats/showthread.php?t=49909.
  13. If you have not tried the pizza at the Buffalo Brewery, then you have missed out on a very good pizza at a very good price. And no, I am not the owner or relative or friend of the owner, but I am a loyal customer.
  14. I was one of those who did not think Kyle added much to the team early on this season; but clearly (and fortunately) I was wrong. His help defense has been outstanding recently. And his aggressiveness in fighting for loose balls is good to see. In contrast, every time I was Willie go out to the top of the key, I wince in anticipation of his man backing down to the post and getting the ball. It is at those times that is good to have other team members like Kyle watching your backside. Go Kyle!
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