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  1. Does Okoro have some faults? Yes, but Okoro was the best all around traditional big man in the conference last season.
  2. The real money for the collectives doesn't come from a big money donor donating $10,000 to the collective for the football players at Texas A&M. It is getting 50,000 Texas A&M fans to donate an average of $200 or more every year to the collective. That right there gets you a $10 million plus budget to work with before you hit up the whales. Will collectives at a schools like Texas A&M find 50,000 grassroots donors to contribute that every year? I am sure they will once the collectives are completely built out. You will have collective subscription services that will automatically deduct $20-30 dollars every month from your account when you join. Just go online and pick the level you want to join at.
  3. I think until all the bonus year players cycle out, there are going to more than the normal amount of players that could help out at a program like SLU. A bunch of kids aren't getting the offers they expect coming out of prep or high school because bonus year players are filling up rosters. They end up going JUCO for a year or two to improve their stock.
  4. I agree and especially with guys like Rivera. That said, I completely understand why both Rivera and SLU wanted Rivera on campus now.
  5. That was the team, just had the worst possible second round match up.
  6. Isn’t their a third game in the Iona series at MSG or maybe Brooklyn?
  7. I think some of the difference is Verbal Commits includes walk in’s in their totals.
  8. Randy ended up with a big check, but he didn’t want to sell. I think he, also, had another bar that was took in eminent domain as part of the new Busch Stadium.
  9. We would lose out to a UK and a KU every time in that situation, but we already do that now. UK and KU are among the few places where the basketball programs are viewed with anywhere near the importance of the football program. Where it can allow us to have an advantage is against the vast majority of power conference athletic programs where football is always going to be the number one and honestly the number two priority for using NIL money. You got schools where more NIL money is going to walk on football players than to anyone on their basketball team right now.
  10. I used the site https://businessofcollegesports.com/tracker-university-specific-nil-collectives/ to put together this post. It supposed to be an up to date school specific tracker of NIL collectives and other NIL programs. What it tracks are NIL collectives, university-specific marketing and talent agencies, player-led with yoke programs (basically subscription programs with content from players), NFT Communities, NIL exchanges/marketplaces and Student Athlete Empowerment partnerships all by school. If I missed anything from the site or you know of anything else, please post it. In my opinion, the two most important things to have in place are an exchange and a collective. I think going forward every program is going to need those two things if they really want to compete, but the collective is by far the most important. A well run collective can bring in more money from more people than any of the other NIL infrastructure items. All that said, each of the items has the potential to help and having something in place is better than nothing. The Billiken athletic programs currently have Billiken Exchange, https://dash.inflcr.com/exchange/saint-louis-university. It is NIL exchange partnership with INFLCR. The goal is to connect businesses with Billiken athletes who they would like to enter a NIL deal with. There are no other public NIL infrastructure items in place for Billiken athletes. I thought I would compare where SLU stands against the rest of our conference, programs we want to be considered on the same level as one day and programs that would like to be on our level. I am just comparing the infrastructure in place right now and not any dollar amount programs might or might not have been able to generate for players. Donors and businesses will come and go when it comes to being willing to pony up. If you build a good infrastructure that takes advantage of as much of the fan base as possible, you can have in place programs that withstand those situations. The Billikens vs. The A10 Davidson has nothing public. Dayton has nothing public. Duquesne has nothing public. Fordham has partnered with Student Athlete Empowerment to help manage NIL. GW has nothing public. George Mason has a collective, Patriot Nation Collective. It is billed as a “player-directed” collective created by men’s basketball players and community leaders. La Salle has nothing public. Loyola has partnered with INFLCR in creating RAMBLER Exchange. UMass has nothing public. Rhode Island has nothing public. Richmond has nothing public. St. Bonaventure has nothing public. Saint Joseph’s has nothing public. VCU has partnered with INFLCR in creating VCU Exchange. The Billikens vs The Big East, Gonzaga and Wichita St. Butler has a collective, All Good Dawgs. Creighton has nothing public. DePaul has partnered with INFLCR in creating LEGACY Exchange. Georgetown has nothing public. Marquette has a collective, Be the Difference NIL. Providence has nothing public. St. John's has partnered with INFLCR in creating UNLIMITED Exchange. Seton Hall has nothing public. UConn has nothing public. Villanova has nothing public. Xavier has nothing public. Wichita State has a collective, Armchair Strategies. Gonzaga has a collective, Friends of Spike. The Billikens vs. The MVC Bradley has a collective, Home of the Brave. The rest of the MVC has nothing at this point. I think it is crucial that someone puts together a Billiken collective, but right now the Billikens stack up pretty well having more in place than most A10 and Big East teams. The Billikens appear to be ahead of the vast majority of the A10 at this point. It is surprising Dayton and Richmond have nothing in place at this point. I was a little surprised to see SLU ahead of so much of the A10 at this point and was shocked that they are ahead of two thirds of the Big East. Mason being the leader in the A10 when it comes to having a collective is really surprising. The future for the MVC could be really ugly, but Bradley appears to be ahead of the game.
  11. This article is a few months old, but it covers the bases pretty well when it comes to why we probably won't see any effective move by the NCAA to limit or control NIL. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-ncaa-doesnt-know-how-to-stop-boosters-from-playing-the-nil-game/
  12. That yellow that should have been called but wasn't cost the Bills. They would have had a great set piece chance right there. I know Louisville scored around the 30 minute mark, but I really thought we were the better team in the last 25 minutes or so of the half.
  13. It is good to see the staff is involving @Box and Wonin the evaluation process.
  14. Go and watch Cheers reruns in Italian.
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