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  1. I have been as hard as anyone when it comes on Ford’s results and I understand the frustration. I mocked that comment when it was made, but it is nothing more than coach speak.
  2. A healthy and in shape Malcolm Dandridge would be the best traditional center the Billikens have had since Ian. I think he would be in shape because he would be motivated because he wouldn’t come in looking at a back up roll that has been his situation at Memphis. You never know about injuries. It is a roll of the dice. High ceiling with the downside being getting what he was at Memphis. That downside is better than what is on the roster right now. That is why I can’t blame a coach that is feeling heat like Ford for not ending the pursuit for him.
  3. Have you seen everything Threads tracks once you download the app? No thanks.
  4. I think that is because changes twitter has made to limit data scrapping.
  5. The Ivy League Universities can afford to have that attitude about their athletic programs because they don't need their athletic programs to help market the school. The same can't be said about many other schools.
  6. Paul Nondas was a JUCO kid on a NIT team during Spoon’s era. He was from Greece and as for as I know the only Billiken to have an international arrest warrant issued for him by Interpool. He was charged with desertion in Greece for not reporting to mandatory military service. I think he got that cleared up, but he never returned to SLU for his senior season.
  7. NIL is just as important for international players. Just ask Gonzaga who lost Australian top prospect Alex Toohey to the NBL because Gonzaga did not put together a NIL good enough to keep him. With stuff like the NBL’s Next Star program (and the copycat programs to follow), the price on international talent isn’t going to be cheaper than US kids. This coming season there will probably 8 2024 draft picks playing in the NBL instead of college basketball. The big thing with the international kids is you are much more likely to get a really top flight international kid to take a chance on a non top name program if your program has the right relationships overseas. You are still going to have to find a way to pay the kid something considered around market rate.
  8. WVU has a coach for this coming season, Josh Eilert. If he we lose him to WVU, this wouldn't be losing Jeff Peterson to Iowa who had no coach at the time.
  9. There is a button at the top right of the page that gives you the page in English.
  10. My judgement on what has happened the last seven seasons overall hasn't changed. That said, I don't see any point in not having hope for next season. I want the program to succeed. I don't want to spend the next several months thinking the season will be a disappointment or a disaster. That isn't good for my mental health. Plus, when something good happens you need to give the program credit for that. I probably overstated a little where this kid is actually at right now as a prospect yesterday, but he is a really nice prospect. The program has signed some guys that look like they have good potential over the last few weeks. The whole staff deserves credit for that. Now we just need to close the deal with a big.
  11. I have no idea which I think you are right. It appears that he is probably the better prospect too. From the original tweets it looks like that we signed Dorde Vladimir Curcic, but honestly I have myself completely confused at this point. The older one has been on his age group’s national team 3 years in a row.
  12. They both play on the same Adriatic League team, KK Borac Čačak, too.
  13. If it is the one born in 2005, he won’t get on campus until August. I am assuming since he has been Serbia’s U18 leading scorer in the lead up to FIBA U18 European Championship, he will be on that roster. They will be one of the favorites and that runs through July 30th. If this is the kid (and I think it is), this is huge signing. This is like signing a top 50 US high school kid, maybe even better.
  14. The only thing I’m sure of right now is that we signed one of these two. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Đorđe_Ćurčić_(basketball,_born_2004) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Đorđe_Ćurčić_(basketball,_born_2005)
  15. Now I think think I got it wrong and the 2005 one we signed is 6’5”. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Đorđe_Ćurčić_(basketball,_born_2005)
  16. There are two different Serbian Youth National Team players named Djordje Curcic. One born in 2004 and the other 2005. We signed the one born in 2005 and he is 6’3”. The one born in 2004 is 6’5.
  17. This is the first player we have ever signed that already had a Wikipedia page. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Đorđe_Ćurčić_(basketball,_born_2005)
  18. No talented kids are going to take a chance on a payout 4 years from now vs. $100,000 now. Would you turn down a job that was going to pay you six figures today for a job that was only going to offer you tuition reimbursement and a promise of some money years down the line only if everything works out perfectly?
  19. Can't believe I forgot about Ohanon for the list. My favorite Ohanon story was post SLU. He pissed off everyone involved with the Israeli national basketball team when he skipped out on his FIBA European Championship roster spot to go to Africa with his model wife instead.
  20. Mitchell being out that season and losing Reed really hurt that team and ruined what would have been an NCAA team, but I think that team would have still been better than .500 if it wouldn't have been for injuries. Ellis was never right that year after burning his hands with fireworks before the season and Conklin was dealing with what I think was a high ankle injury all season.
  21. As freshmen Mitchell and McCall were pretty damn good. Mitchell especially. As a sophomore Mitchell was the starting PG and the leading scorer on a top 100 kenpom team. He was second team all-conference.
  22. I think that is a huge part of it. Although over the last couple of decades donors have stepped up when it comes to facilities and funding the staff. Once the Champions Center is complete, we will take a back seat to no one in the Big East when it comes to on campus basketball facilities. The donors should be applauded for that.
  23. SLU's endowment is now fourth among Catholic universities, slightly behind Georgetown's, after the last big fundraising effort that ended back in August. It is more than twice that of every Big East institution outside of Georgetown. That is proof that SLU has the donor power to compete. Are those alums willing to pay for basketball players like they seem to be willing to at Big East universities?
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