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  1. 1 hour ago, Quality Is Job 1 said:

    Let's not get Carried away, now!  (I always thought "carry" was an unfortunate name for a basketball player [better for a football player] — especially with a first name of "Sincere"!  C'mon ref!  He carried that ball, sincerely!)

    No such thing as carry in today’s basketball. 

  2. 30 minutes ago, HoosierPal said:

    After listening to Coach on with Frank yesterday, I read between the lines, and it seems to me that at least one player had it.  There was more than one positive case.  The good news is that everyone is feeling good, according to Coach. 

    Coach also said players will be coming out of quarantine at different times, again pointing me to believe that more than one player was positive.  This is purely my speculation based on the interview.

    I believe they said there were multiple positives with their  first announcement. That doesn't have to mean multiple players . 

  3. The big problem is when we start A-10 play opposing coaches will start fouling him more. Any time we were in the bonus I would send someone in to hack him if he touched the ball . Fortunately with Linssen we are better off but you give up a lot of defense. 

  4. 24 minutes ago, 3star_recruit said:

    Subconsciously I think folks are worried about the Duquesne game.  We struggle to score against them. His scoring was a weapon we didn't have in the arsenal last year.  Seeing him miss this badly for a couple of games doesn't give you a good feeling going into that contest.

    He has not had a lot of open shots. As someone else pointed out that opens up the floor for others as they are guarding him closely. Even if not scoring he has value. 

  5. 38 minutes ago, courtside said:

    Brad wanted to continue being a D-1 Head Coach after SLU. He did get "a few nibbles" but didn't get the job. i.e.... lost out to Mike Jarvis at Florida Atlantic in 2008, etc...He enjoyed Lindenwood and, and he enjoys being an assistant at UVA. He still would like to be a D-1 Head Coach. (Hence the UWGB interest)

    He deserves another shot. Not a bad coach just needed to recruit better. Hopefully he learned that at UVA. 

  6. 6 minutes ago, billiken_roy said:

    we lack a weapon the magnitude of obi.   not sure that can be "offset" with a collective "well the rest are better viewpoint.   obi was dayton's once in a lifetime talent.      

    How about Don May in 1964? 

  7. 10 minutes ago, RUBillsFan said:

    You have to expect the local announcers to be homers and look past that.  As long as they are well informed / educated about the team, I don't care that they are homers to a certain extent.  If they have no idea about any kind of scouting report or worse they don't know players names, there is really no excuse and they are bad at their jobs.

    How do you think an opposing teams fans would like listening to Rammer? 

  8. 10 minutes ago, slufanskip said:

    Curious as to how we would be a D+ in 3 pt defense. Teams are shooting 33.7% against us which would be about 150th as a team and are making 5.4 per game which would rank about 225th. 

    My eye test says we leave the 3 point line too often to help inside. The only way an Indiana State could play with us is  if they hit a bunch of 3's. Most coaches philosophy is to defend  out. My theory is you should force in. Run them off the line. 

  9. Just now, SLU_Nick said:

    From the tip the game seemed in hand.  2 questions for the MBMs.

    Did Bell not play due to coach's decision or is he injured?

    Is there any chance that Ford is plotting to unleash Okoro in February due to the "free" year when it comes to eligibility.  

    I thought we sort of showed a weakness in interior defense last night.  I think we need one more big man who can lock in defensively.  

    He played

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