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  1. Many years ago SLU had a fundraising dinner with Dickie V being the keynote speaker. He gave a great motivational talk. Really Good. That said I am tired of his schtick.
  2. JP led juco nation in scoring. He obviously was always a scorer. Ford and staff gets credit for transferring that ability to his current level in only one semester.
  3. I am not sure I would say he was the overall best player but he certainly has the most NBA potential. And I would have said that last year.
  4. I don’t t he was ever out of the seat
  5. Harry,Wilkes,Gervin . I like all of these. What I like about him the most is his ability to finish the tough shot at the rim.
  6. This use to be one of my favorite basketball weeks of the year. You would get some great matchups in the different tournaments. Very few good games this week. Our LSU game is one of the best. Don't forget the Lady Bills on ESPN+ on Sunday.
  7. I have been advocating for 2 years that he sees a sports psychologist. But for all we know maybe he has.
  8. I'll give u 5 to 1 there will be changes.
  9. Give them all A’s. The world needs more Political Scientists.
  10. He lasted longer then I expected.
  11. I'll argue the opposite. More teams means more games in 1 city. Where and when will they be played. How many gyms does Indianapolis have? Who gets the 6am game?
  12. I don’t think it will happen but there are some people who are arguing that young adults should be some of the firsts because they are the super spreaders.
  13. There could be as many as 4 vaccine’s available by year end plus more and better therapeutics . The problem is the curve is going up everywhere. We need a change of direction.
  14. Rick Pitino is on ESPN calling for May Madness. Delay the start of the season. Give the vaccine a chance. I think this makes sense. If they start the season and then have a shutdown it may not restart.
  15. Most European teams also pay expenses. Apartment,Car etc. Don’t know about other countries but imagine it’s the same.
  16. I don’t like the way this is trending. Heard Illinois coach Underwood with Frank. In the big ten if anyone tests positive the team can’t play for 14 days. You know there are going to be positive cases. Anyone know A-10 policy?
  17. I would bet at some point someone in the basketball program will test positive. How they isolate and contain the virus is what counts. Having a deep roster may become extremely important. School is out in about 2 weeks. Players will have a type of a bubble. Even if you stay safe life will not be easy for these players. What can players do for 2 months?
  18. I think threatening is pretty right on. If the region doesn't get our numbers down you will definitely see more closures and restrictions. At least we don't have football games to celebrate.
  19. Number 3 older SLU fans who want to go to games.
  20. You didn’t point out that Frank said we didn’t want him. That the offer was not good. We don’t think he can help the program.
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