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  1. I would also like to see a super league but don’t agree that it’s necessary for the private schools to remain relevant. The Zags Nova Hoyas Blue Jays Flyers Bills Johnies Bull Dogs Gales will be relevant.
  2. The NCAA Tournament is the cash cow. I can't see them doing anything to change that. If anything the change would be adding more teams.
  3. I am totally in agreement with this. As I have said before you need at least one for a midterm transfer.
  4. My wife and I have stayed in touch with Rasheed Malik. Rasheed has stayed in touch with Larry Simmons and Sekeue. I believe they are all in the Houston area. Rasheed who lost his senior year to a heart condition is a school teacher.
  5. I saw this but question whether it was just Saban using it for recruiting. Come to Alabama where you can make a million. This whole thing is a bad idea. You talk about how alums can “legally recruit “.
  6. Sounds like they need Willie Reed.
  7. You sound like an old man saying back in my day things were always better. If anything the new players are too good. There is no such thing as a shot out of range. The skill level is incredible.
  8. Not to speak for the Wiz but I believe he is involved in finance at a higher level.
  9. I am not sure where we will stand on available scholarships but I think you should always have one for the mid season transfer.
  10. I am actually surprised he waited this long. His body language on the bench was that of a player who was not happy. I for one think he was underused.
  11. I was told that Bidwell would make significant anonymous gifts to the athletic department.
  12. Correction. It was the tip-off club.
  13. Rose Kennedy reference. Billiken Board first.
  14. It's Skips use of bitcoin that seals the deal.
  15. I am beating a dead horse here but the idea that kids follow their father to his school is vastly overdone on this board.
  16. I am curious why SLU did not have camps this summer. Covid? Stuen's death?
  17. I think you are dead on. The potential recruiting abuses could be huge.
  18. What am I missing? Why would Cockburn want to come to SLU?
  19. First I think the novelty of it will be there at the start. I don’t see big deals but small ones. A Bobby McCormick who advertises his basketball camps on radio using a Billiken player. A workout center using a player. A farmers market trying to drum up business. An injury center talking about rehab. A basketball hoop company. Small creative things.
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