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  1. Not saying Burden committed to Mo. because of this but it was probably a factor. The kid should make a lot of money.
  2. Whether people will attend games or not is pertinent to this board. UNFORTUNATELY.
  3. Bill Saigh was one of my favorite profs. After the Lettuce Leaf closed he tried a soup store in the U City Loop. Great product but it failed because people wouldn't pay $10 for a cup of soup. Price and product matter.
  4. You are kidding aren’t you? Cheese is talking about Anheuser. Rich cleverly said Bonner who was called AB.
  5. Obviously being accepted to the Big East would be great for SLU. If not chosen the A10 is our next best place to be. It's really not a bad basketball league except for the bottom. The most important thing for me is that they are like minded schools. Exposure on the east coast is a plus. We have little in common with the AAC school's But don't worry, we are going to the Big East. We are the perfect fit for what they need.
  6. I think under Fred/May we have committed to being a top tier program. I believe the days of penny pinching over ice cream are long gone.
  7. This project was planned 2 years ago then COVID hit.
  8. Kentucky is known as Big Blue Nation. Maybe this has influenced Ford.
  9. I do believe there should be some kind of cap. I believe the Post said they were going to get 35%. So if this thing turns out to be a billion do they really deserve 350 mil.
  10. Hey. I know I can't spell and I don't give a sh-t.
  11. My claim to fame was a time out contest. Got to shoot free throws against another gentleman. We both bricked about 5 then they said shoot a layup. I made mine and got the opportunity to shoot a 3. If I made the 3 you won 2 tickets from TWA to anywhere in the continental US. Somehow I made it. Took a trip to South Florida and saw Larry Hughes play South Florida in the sundome. Billiken Roy needs to tell us about his baseball bat spin.
  12. Many years ago one member of the Tip-Off-Club got to sit on the bench. I sat there once and hated it. I was afraid I would yell at the refs and get a T. You just tried to stay out of the way.
  13. I think some of us are just saying let’s wait until he plays a few games before we put him in the Billiken Hall of fame.
  14. They may be fine fellows but there very rich fine fellows. Like the Yanks you can’t pull teams that have such a spending advantage.
  15. Star. Are you related to Nesbit? Any question or concern is met with a vigorous defense.
  16. Many university endowments have reported gains of 50% or more in the last year. Wash U reported a 65% gain. How did they do that? Private equity investments. I do agree that 25% would be good depending on their allocation of funds. My criticism would be what happened after the Tenent sale.
  17. Not very impressive. It was almost a billion back when they sold the hospital to Tenent.
  18. I wonder if 05 still wants to fire the coach ?
  19. From day one? No. Maybe by Christmas.
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