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  1. I never talked to Bernie about that post, he doesnt know who posted it. My buddy who is ESTLALUMNI on this board couldnt remember his password so I let him use mine.I did read it I didnt think it was a big deal. Lets get one thing straight Tommie loves Majerus what ever I post on here those are my thoughts. Do you guys remember I said I would never post anything negative unless someone else posted it first. That guy Bernie I dont know him and I never talked to him
  2. I agree Tommie needs to work on his defense, Eckerle was getting killed out there, thats the reason Tommie got in the game, other than that he wouldnt have played..
  3. Tommie's doing what our so-called coach wants, its not Tommie its the coach..
  4. thetorch where did you play college ball, probably no where. This is a new coach with a new system, everybody's saying how good of a coach Majerus is, I dont see it anybody can run around and set screens you dont have to have talent to do that. Majuerus doesn't want any fancy stuff just plain basketball. Tommie played well his first two years now all of a sudden he's not, its not Tommie it's the coach. I'd rather have Sodie.
  5. Dont be surprised if Tommie doesnt start Friday, coach doesnt think Tommie is working hard enough in practice. They did have a meeting with Tommie...
  6. Those are highlights of East Side vs Vashon
  7. Is AK back working out, I heard he passed out several times and was in the hospital for 3 or 4 days.
  8. Thanks everyone,VTIME he waited until summer classes are over,today is his last day..
  9. Tommie will be having surgery tomorrow,on his ankle.His ankle has been giving him problems since he was in highschool,expected to be out about a month
  10. Where is Jimmy these days,I used to play softball against him and his family in Towergrove Park a couple of years ago,Jimmy is a very good softball player..
  11. Majerus told Tommie he was going to have Coach Karl talk to them...
  12. Yep Clagget was a coach when Tommie played for the Eagles
  13. Thorpe has a one year contract,but he doesnt know what his job is yet,coach,or team manager...