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  1. This guy is unreal. He honestly cannot stay away from strip clubs and has the uncanny ability to get himself into bad situations over and over again. You think the guy would learn after "making it rain" at a Vegas strip club that ended up with gunshots and the death of a bouncer and then receiving a year long suspension, but he continues to put himself in bad situations. Pacman is ridiculous, what a legend.
  2. Thats your opinion and I hope you end up being right. I am assuming you and V-Time are one in the same and you base the majority of your evaluation of a player on what zip code he is from. What other D-I offers does he have and did he have a year ago?
  3. I have always felt SLU should target kids who are a step above what I would call mid major talent. I am not looking to start a debate on whether SLU is mid major or not. I said I am not a talent evaluator and if Majerus thinks he is good enough I will trust him, but I disagree with the decision on the surface and will stick with it till proven otherwise. I always said I was a fan of Roundtree and liked his game, but never saw John as being a legitimate D-I prospect.
  4. I disagree with the comment regarding Soderberg. I recall there being a lot of debate on whether John was deserving of a scholarship well before Majerus was the coach. I do not like offering this kid. This should be an offer that comes late in the game if we miss on some other guys. I do not see it in this kid and will stick with my opinion on him being a mid major player until proven otherwise. I do not get paid to evaluate talent though and would be happy to be proven wrong on this one.
  5. I was curious if anyone had a chance to see Alex Tyus play at Cincinnati Harmony Community School. I was looking at their roster and saw the name of a kid I saw a few years back at the Hoop Jamboree who was an absolute beast. The kid is Christian Siakam and apparently he peaked at the height I saw him back then at 6'6. The kid was a force, just a raw athlete who was a beast in the paint. I was curious how the kid developed. One of the other kids who impressed me that year at the Hoop Jam was a point guard from South Carolina Shelton Brown. Lightning quick with unreal leaping ability. The kid is 5'11 and bigs were getting out of the way when he elevated in the lane because they knew he was going to put one down on them. I saw he is uncomitted and assuming he progressed over the years he would be a great get for a mid major.
  6. Does this guy have any credibility at all? He should at least know the time table on the signings. I think Moore is a good pickup for Mizzou as far as talent and the potential to possibly bring along some of his AAU teammates, but it seemed like Gordo focused on Mizzou while SLU has three verbals from players that are top #50 at their position. I have been following Mizzou's recruiting the past couple of months (due to the amount of scholarships they have open and since they would seem to be potential competition for a couple of guys) and I believe their fans when they say Reed was likely not a target anymore seeing all of the higher rated kids they are in on, but if I was a Tiger fan I would be very concerned about getting left high and dry. They are in on some impressive and highly rated players, but these kids all have several offers from top programs. One of the studs who they appeared to be a front runner for was the top rated player in Florida, shooting guard Dante Anderson, was killed in a car accident in May. Mizzou is also recruiting and a finalist for his AAU teammate who is a highly rated point guard. It sounded like the making of another Dooling/Gilbert duo. This is a huge recruiting class for Mizzou with all of the seniors they have on their roster.
  7. I was always impressed by Mike Anderson when he coached at UAB. I honestly have not been in the area to see or hear much from him during his time at Mizzou, but the few games I did see them play last year I saw a lot of hustle and energy that was lacking during the previous regime. Hopefully we will notice a similar change in our team when we take to the court in five months because we looked so flat and uninspired in the majority of the games I was able to attend last season. We all know the talent level of the program is going to increase over the years to come and the overall excitement Majerus has brought to the program has been amazing. I will take our coach, but Mizzou seems to have a pretty quality guy at the helm as well. Now lets bring back the game.
  8. This is huge, three commitments from quality players and it is only the second week of June. Mizzou better get used to playing second fiddle when it comes to D-I hoops in the St. Louis area.
  9. Is anyone else enjoying heading into the summer with a nice recruiting class already verballed. This has the makings of an extremely special class. I think we need Suggs to give us that guy who can be a star. Roth has already made two visits and you would have to think a decision from him would not be far away. Jesse Perry is a guy who I have seen a couple of times and been impressed with, but have heard very little about.
  10. Who else is on the radar as a potential plan B recruit so to say? I am really liking this recruiting class. I think we have a very good shot with Roth and that would give us a very quality pg, shooter, and two nice bigs in Rick's first real recruiting class for the Bills. Suggs would give us the potential star wing and Perry would give us that athletic small forward. Who else is Perry receiving interest from?
  11. Brett Thompson - 4 star - 17th ranked center http://scout.scout.com/a.z?s=437&p=8&c=1&nid=2896731 Steve Moore - 3 star - 40th ranked power forward http://scout.scout.com/a.z?s=437&p=8&c=1&nid=2365443 Willie Reed - 2 star - Not Ranked http://scout.scout.com/a.z?s=437&p=8&c=1&nid=3096205
  12. This is a huge pickup and hopefully he turns out to be the big time point we have been looking for. Majerus is cleaning house and I love it.
  13. Thompson is definitely considered a better prospect than Moore, but Moore is considered a better prospect than Reed. I am not saying that these rankings are that meaningful, but Moore has a rivals rating of 5.7 and is listed as a 3 star prospect and is the 40th rated power forward on scout whereas Reed is two stars on scout and not ranked. He is a nice player and certainly a quality recruit for Mizzou. I checked their board and they are not overly excited about this signing as you all seem to think they are.
  14. Steve Moore was a guy I really liked, but with where things stand now and where I would like to see them head in the next months I am not too upset about not landing him. I know the prior staff was after him, but did Majerus continue to express interest?
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