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  1. and Kwamain AND Willie are back for spring semester?
  2. Anybody know how to develop apps for the iPhone? Would certainly make following the Billikids alot simpler on the mobile device I expect many carry today! Just a thought!
  3. I will also add that I think the board looks great, and the transition appears to be seamless. Also, the look and feel is very similar to the main board redesign! Great work as always Steve!
  4. SLU always had open practices because they wanted people to be interested in the Team. With Majerus on board and over 100 new season ticket purchases, the interest is there! Just my 2 cents...
  5. If it is on TV, for those out of town or unable to leave work, broadcasts their newscasts on their website, and 10 am they do have a news broadcast, so it might work out perfectly! Although, our excitement today will certianly be tempered by the loss of Josh Hancock for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Hancock family. My thoughts and prayers go out to them all. It may finally not be so hard being a Billikens Fan!
  6. According to Tim McKernen, Rick Majerus is 100% signed and to expect a news conference is to be scheduled later today or tomorrow at the latest!
  7. Now I lay me down to sleep Billiken anxiety is a huge heep If I should die before I wake It's because this is more than my young heart can take! God Bless the Billikens ........... Written by a long time reader, sometimes poster and life long billiken fan! I don't know about the rest of you, but my wife is tired of me running to the computer every 2 minutes to check here for the update. It is not helping me at work either as my addiction is allowed to play out all day long. So I offer this prayer in hopes of seeing another day....a new day....the day all of us long suffering Billiken fans have waited for! Peace
  8. RPI

    I realize that it is too early to put any stock in the rpi ratings, but can anyone explain why SLU has such a poor SOS rank on all the sites. They have 3 teams in the top 25 on their schedule, and yet they have one of the worst SOS ranks on all the sites. What am I missing?
  9. Just saw this report on ESPN...could be a factor for us against Iowa on Dec. 30 here at home!
  10. I was screaming at the TV saying the same thing Rich! This aint the NBA! My wife looked at me like I was crazy. But North Carolina got extra steps all night. But even with all the breaks that went against the bills, they never stopped fighting and continually came back until the end! Great effort...the future certainly is bright!
  11. Thanks for the link! But I am having trouble getting the link to work. Anybody else having problems? Thanks!
  12. I too was listening over the internet and about fell off my chair when I heard Slaten have anything positive to say about SLU! While he still makes no comment about coach soderberg, he is a least acknowledging that SLU is making inroads in local recruiting!
  13. According to the UMSL website, Slaten took a redshirt last year and is on the roster this coming season.
  14. Either board is fine with me, the one feature that I would like to keep either way is the "view all" feature that is currently available so that I don't have to click on each message as I read through an entire thread. Otherwise, the other board looks nice and modern.
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