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  1. Tonights Game

    Billikens will be on Ch 11 @ 7PM
  2. N. Berry

    I think this is an embarrassment in recruiting. Berry is ranked 11-15 @ pf. SLU is listed as an also ran regarding interest. Berry's father and "Easy Ed" both attended SLU. Berry played summer ball on the campus of SLU. The reason for not picking SLU: I did not feel I fit in with the coaching staff or with the system. To have Mizery listed ahead of us is also tough to stomach. The coach there is new, controversial and has a losing record at his last place, Miami + a tarnished background there. Therefore we have a local prospect w/ bloodlines to SLU, w/ a chance to compare C-Arena to Hinkle, a chance to compare campuses, a chance to go to a school where he can be watched by family & friends conveniently choosing to go to a place overshadowed usually by the Big 10 and not as easy for friends and family. This is in light of us projected to be a top 50 program this year, being in a better conference, ranked in the top 100 academically, w/ a coach sporting a national reputation, a new arena to play in and we only come in as an also ran. It hurts. However, the final result will come in 6 years from now. Berry is too young to sign a letter of commitment at this time. He decided to declare early to end the recruiting process. He did not wait to see how we will do this year. Good bye and good luck Mr. Berry.
  3. Bernie has improved as a writer since his marriage. He is vocalizing for Rickma. Whether we played this year in the NIT or where we are is not all that important. However, Rick is concentrating on next year and has already begun his campaign. He is using Bernie as his vocal point. On Bernie's radio show Rick indicated his displeasure with the A10. Bernie has since written on the subject, the last time being today. The A10 is being blamed for the SLU snub by the A10, not the NCAA and Bernie has mentioned valid reasons. Bernie has some national stature, so his comments are likely to be noticed outside of St. Louis. Next year Rick thinks he will be in the thick of things and he has started the campaign to be noticed, supported, and reckoned with. Next year if we have a chance at the NCAA the A10 better be supporting us.
  4. This appears to be a battle for control by two egos. The timing is unfortunate. The program seems ready to take off and it may even happen this year. The Pac 10 is doing poorly. Various teams in the Pac 10 have lost on home court to Oral Roberts, Seattle, and Brigham Young. Attendance at UCLA, with a losing record, is down to 2,000. It is expected only the winner of the Pac 10 will go to the tournament. This opens up possibilities for the Atlantic 10 and for the Bills. The win against Richmond was impressive. So was the over time loss to Charlotte on their home court. I think we have a chance for post season play. The Temple game here may shape up as one of the great games ever. Prior to the Fordham game I was at Humphrey's and the talk was about the tremendous up scale potential for the Bills. So here we are at the door of success and we encounter bickering and in fighting. It is tough to be a Billiken Fan.
  5. As I Saw It

    On the road we take a good team to overtime. Unbelievable just a short time ago. Coach Rick is a bargain @ 1 mil. Charlotte played better defense then us. Lutz is a good coach. Cory Ellis tried flopping on the floor, but never got that call. Cory's strength is he is a big man that can score. Weakness is defense. Coach Rick needs to get a couple of golf balls and put them in Cory's pockets. Everytime we are on offense and Willie is in the game, he needs to touch the ball. The offense has to go through him. He seems that good. This was a tough loss, but we are making great progress. Great recruiting is starting to produce results.
  6. coach rick

    http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/writ...erus/index.html Pretty good article. Refers to MO. Valley as a better fit, but not, as I read, a proposal to move there.
  7. If you go to stltoday.com there is a front page story about the ACLU reporting widespread abuses in city jails. The person reporting the abuses, on behalf of the ACLU, is Ridditt Hudson. I am wondering if this is the Redditt Hudson who played center for SLU under Rich Grawer. He graduated from U City and as I recall went to law school @ Mizzery after graduating from SLU. If the allegations prove true, investigation to confirm may be started, this will represent an act of public service. At this point city officials are denying the allegations.
  8. I beg to differ. I saw Lisch running track during the summer, while I was on the track, so I got to see him close up. He was in great shape and had good muscle definition.
  9. here's a thought on our very bad losses

    Roy, my guess is that Rick does utilize game to game specific tactics. I base this on the UMass game. I watched KU play UMass and KU used zone. KU ended up losing the game, but it was because of poor play and poor shooting. The zone was effective. When we played UMass we used zone. Rick gave credit for this tactic to Moser. Rick said it was the first time in his life he had utilized zone. Therefore, I think the coaching staff looked at the KU vs UMass game and then decided on using the zone and this was a specific game tactic based on scouting either by watching film or seeing the game in person.
  10. Jason Whitlock Mentions the Bills

    Here is my proposal. Have a holiday tournament in St. Louis. Invite SIU-Edwardswille, SIU, SE Missouri, Missouri State, UMKC, Missouri, and SLU. Have it at Scott. I think it will sell out. The tournament will sell out and it gives SLU a chance to pick up some Div 1 victories. Compare participating in this tournament to our being in the Las Vegas tournament that we just completed. According to T. Timmerman, the audience there was about 200 regardless of who played. The court was on top of ice, like Scott, but there was not any heat and TT froze. Scott is more confortable.
  11. I don't know if Kansas is ranked top 100 RPI, but I think they will win the north. I watched on ESPN and they indicated Illinois had won the last 8 match ups in a row. The announcer laughed about this so call rivalry and seemed to suggest it should be ended. Lack of fan support confirms the obvious.
  12. Poor Post-Dispatch Coverage

    Use the on line Post. This is where the papers nationwide are trending. Christian Science Monitor and the Detroit papers are ceasing daily print editions. These papers will only print part of the week. Lee Enterprises is a likely candidate for merger according to the Wall Street Journal. Because of the recession these types of changes are likely to occur more quickly than if the economy was healthy. I would like to see Timmerman get player interviews and statements more often and post them on line.
  13. SS Attendance

    To increase attendance I think we should build a tunnel from the C Arena to the garage.
  14. STL area players to watch c/o 2011

    Two St. Louis players for class 2011 were at the Kansas "midnite madness". They were Christian Kirk 6'7" from St. Charles West. Bradly Beal 6'3" from Chaninade Kansas holds a mid night madness type of event and invites people they are recruiting to come and watch.
  15. OT: Lil Wayne

    The student newspaper reported 8 car thefts in and around campus for the month of August. There were complaints regarding security and it appears to have been beefed up. The area is patrolled by the SLU security team, the St. Louis Police, and to the immediate north by a St. Louis Arts Center security team. The paper also reported an armed happening @ Laclede Lofts. However, many people visit the Fox and STL orchestra. The area seems relatively safe, but you should be cautious especially if you are alone. One of the car thefts was from the SLU garage on Laclede.