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Xavier fans discuss merits of SLU and St. Louis...

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Been wanting to register on that board,but not accecpting new posters,at this time.

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I have been following all the many discussions and speculation about possible conference realignments and have come to the conclusion that "what have you done lately" has influenced much of this. Marquette with their Final 4 and Xavier and Dayton with there recent successes put them at the top of most lists for moving to the BE (DePaul is still riding on history and the fact they are from major market.)

Let's see where everyone stands after another year or 2.

Remember all of this is being driven by football. I still don't see how losing Miami and Virginia Tech and replacing them with the likes of Lousville and Cincinatti helps the BE. Also, if the football moves don't happen this year then next year the ACC could look to Louisville to be there 12th team. Then what does the BE football schools do? There really isn't much left for them to look at. (Also if the ACC doesn't go to Louisville next year, then W. Virginia would be a prime candidate for the ACC, which truly hurts the BE)

Just some thoughts for discussion

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