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We're still Blue Collar


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Remember when zo said this referring to the type of player he could recruit at SLU? Well, from all I've heard we're still in the Blue Collar category, which isn't necessarily a knock on us. Look at what a bunch of really blue collar guys did last year. This year we've upgraded our talent, but so much of it is untested at the D-1 level, we're pretty much in the same boat. When you look at the schedule can't you see this team losing 17 games as easily as they can win 17? Face it, the top CUSA teams are athletic teams...we're not. For our guys to win it's going to be more of the usual Billiken style we've grown accustomed to: 1.)gritty intense D to keep the game close and low scoring, 2.) a player (Bryant) or two (Sloan) who is going to have to be the go to guy at crunch time (and we can expect a lot of nail biters) and 3) a sound perimiter game as we still have yet to land a proven/legitimate inside scoring threat. Sloan may pick up a few throw back's but his game is best played at 12-15 feet from the hoop. And while Frericks may be an improvement over KB at getting the ball in the hoop, I'd be surprised if his average ppg is over 7, but who cares as long as he plays good D and grabs some boards. The success of this team is going to be determined by Bryant, Fish, IO, and AD. Those four get it together and 18-19 wins is attainable. They stumble and fumble, and we're in for a long season.

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I think we are much more athletic than last year.....Bryant, Johnson, Clarke, are much more athletic than Diener, an injured Braun, and Perry. (no knock on perry but does not make up for Diener and Bruan) Moreover, the athletic talents of Sloan, IO, and Ian I think is vastly underated. Sloan hustles his but off and works hard but he is a solid athlete. Not exceptional in any one area, but solid.

I am amazed by IO he looks awkward or perhaps just different out there but there he is uncurling his fram and laying it in when you thought he would lose the ball....I like his attitude too, he wants the ball at crunch time....

Ian I look forward to seeing play, I expect we will find a guy who if he gets the ball around the basket he will put it in......I am hoping his play in the 3rd place game this summmer in athens, is indicative of his play, 18 points in the first half, many from put backs. Do not be surprised to see teams focusing on reggie, drejaj, fish of which on puts up a shot, and ian, frericks, and IO get some easy garbage points. I like garbage!! where is Quitman Dillard when we need him.

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Although I would agree that we a hardworking hardnosed team, I can never understand this concept that we are not "athletic"

Fischer is extremely strong and very athletic. Chris Sloan is very strong, very fast and extremely quick on defense. IO is incredibly athletic for his size--he can jump very well and he is almost unstoppable off the dribble when guarded by players his size. Bryant is very quick and can run the court and score in traffic.

Sure, Fericks is a beef but he has some skill. JJ is a leaper but lacks some of the other skills. Ian sounds like he could be a terrific player.

My point is that it seems like you can only be "athletic" in the modern thinking if you can jump out of the gym like LeBron James (By the way his debut was extremely impressive, particularly his court sense) yet there are a great number of players who are great on defense because they move their feet and even if they are not high flyers, they are athletic.

I truly doubt that we are in danger of losing 17 games. With a little luck we should win 15-17 unless everything collapses and then I see us winning at least 10-12.

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slu72, I couldn't agree more with your post - it seems as if all Billiken teams the past 15 years with the exception of maybe 2 years, seem similar to me and play the way you decribed. I can only hope the future is brighter and it looks as if it might be. I think the program really needs to raise the bar moving forward.

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