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well the truth of the matter is that neither one of them were anything to file in the "pleasant memory file". i agree i would much rather hope that our future inside players all exceed both kenny or chris in performance.

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While Kenny Brown was a stalwart defensive presence for the Bills for two years and I believe he'll be missed this season, his tenure at SLU was an overall disappointment. I remember how Lorenzo Romar or someone suggested that by the time he was finished he would be the best center in Billiken history (to that point), and I remember we had discussions about what kind of numbers he'd have to have to exceed past Billiken centers (not much -- 12 or 13 ppg and 7 or 8 rpg?). Well, Brown didn't become the best center to this point in Billiken history.

Now Brad Soderberg is projecting the "best SLU center ever" tag on Ian Vouyoukas. I think there's a good shot that he will become SLU's best-ever center by the time he's done, because he's mobile and smooth and has good hands and feet, but it won't be this year. Freshmen go through growing pains. I don't think, either, that Tom Frericks will provide best-ever type of production, either, but he'll be serviceable and will be a key ingredient in getting SLU into the NCAA Tournament.

At least the days of SLU's being a "doughnut" team with 6-6 centers are over.

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