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Perkins’ Playing Time


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The interest of the coaches is to get him up to where he was before as soon as possible, this happens to be Perkins focus as well because this is the only way he will be able to play professionally. Therefore most likely both Perkins and the coaches are pushing for a rapid resolution. When this happens and the trainers are pushing on it as desired by the patient and the coaches, the likelihood of pushing the training too hard is there, and this can cause a regression rather than faster recovery. Perkins has reached or is close to a plateau, I do not think he will go significantly past this level regardless of how much the trainers push him. If they push to hard they may well cause a regression to a lower level of function. This is not a matter of giving up on the guy, it is a matter of accepting what he can do and not pushing him for more.

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1 hour ago, willie said:

But he made those closely guarded shots 2 years ago. Give him another 30 shots. If he can't make some I will agree with you. Too early IMO to write him off. 

for the record, im not writing him off.   i just think he isnt recovered yet and we are putting him in a cant win situation.   i totally dont blame perkins.   he played before he was ready physically, and in all likelihood stalled his recovery if not set it back.  

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