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Midtown Madness: S2E35 w/Emily Nichols & Toby Gillen of SLU Track; The A16?; Frenchman on Campus and more Recruting News; Baseball's Big Weekend in Philly; Softball Slide

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Billiken runners Toby Gillen and Emily Nichols join the podcast to tell us about their successful A10 Track season including their 1st and 2nd place finishes at the A10 Championships in Richmond this past weekend!

Is the A10 going to 16 teams? Who is a good candidate? What's important for SLU fans, geographic proximity or success level?

Mael Crespin visits SLU, will choose between SLU and Washington State.

Baseball sweeps a delayed 2 game set in the City of Brotherly Love

Softball slides down the stretch, swept by George Mason.

Tennis competes at the A10 Championship

Pete loves Chess.

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There hasn't been a ton of basketball the past couple weeks but we do touch on A10 expansion, the February non-conference game proposal, Crespin, and a few other things.

We also talk about Tillett's Longwood additions and that was before another one today.

Baseball heading into the final stretch, softball getting cold at the wrong time, new chess center, wrapping up tennis for the year.

But the track interview is the real draw in this one. Both of them are impressive, probably the best athlete we have on the men's and women's sides, respectively. SLU didn't have track when I was on campus so their experience was all new to me. Really interesting stuff, be sure and check it out.

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