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Favorite All Time Billiken Memory

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9 minutes ago, billiken_roy said:

actually my favorite team was bonner, gray and douglas.  followed closely by spoonball. 

 i am happy about the current direction.   if you think about it, ford couldnt lose taking the job after the disaster of crewsplatt.   my mother could have did as good as crewsplatt.   thus we are still somewhat drunk over the turnaround.   i am betting if we never get past first round ncaa, eventually ford's extended honeymoon ends.   i say, the chances of finding another ford recruiter is not good and we should be happy with ford till he retires.   hopefully some player developes more than expected and that puts him over the mark at some point.  

of course kevin lisch is my second favorite billiken behind larry hughes.    but lisch doest constitute a whole team so bauman, you are wrong again.  you usually are where i am concerned even though i truly dont understand your obsession with me.  it has to go further than jimmerson.



BRoy, since you mentioned Lisch, when I was in middle school, I was playing CYC ball all over the metro area year round. We were a pretty good team and won a lot of games. None of us played in college (mostly because none of us grew taller than 6’2 lol). But there was 1 time, we were playing in a tournament and Lisch was on 1 of the teams. He was playing up 2 years and he ABSOLUTELY TORCHED US! We played against and beat Blake Ahern teams several times, but Kevin Lisch was the best player I ever played against, and it wasn’t even close. He was incredible!

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