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  1. I hope that they actually acknowledge that if/when it happens lol. If nothing else this rockets our S.o.S wayyyy up for the season. Kind of like when we played UConn and actually held our ground and didn't get totally embarrassed.
  2. The secret word is: boy! Now you all know what to do when someone says the secret word right?
  3. Cameo like when you pay for a greeting from a notable person? That's actually genius for NIL money.
  4. I payed $40 for a Kraftwerk T-shirt when they came here back in May. T-shirts are unnecessarily expensive anymore, but I will definitely buy one if I want it badly enough.
  5. I once had to convince someone Welmer played a season because they genuinely couldn't remember seeing him play.
  6. I've been to Richmond, but that was only because I was on the women's tournament trip in Richmond 2017. Richmond definitely has a southern college vibe to them, the arena is next to a literal fraternity/sorority row.
  7. Seems like he's building a good case to be up in the Association most of the season even if he gets inconsistent playing time.
  8. Lindenwood can be a hockey pipeline, their women's program has produced some pros and Kendall Coyne's younger sister played there for a year as well.
  9. @Band Legend wanna advocate for this?
  10. Who says I'm not? I'm a least a masochist for being a college basketball fan
  11. According to Disney that was between Francis Ouimet and Harry Vardon.
  12. I have little to no knowledge of the era between the Valley and CUSA, so I will take your word for it, sounds like a bit of a dark time.
  13. I'll have to ask my dad about all this, he's been doing stats for the team since '85 and does them for TV now. I was raised in the Soderbergh era where we floated for a while, but can't imagine winning only 1 conference game in 3 years.
  14. This is hilarious lol, who's the .004%?
  15. @The Wiz Thank you, this is the analysis I was looking for!
  16. Hopefully she's another in a long line of Mcs that make Kerri proud. This is the real hope here ^
  17. Do you think this would almost guarantee that we're not a Juan bid anymore? The A10 Champ would likely get an autobid and then knowing how the A10 eats itself, the Tourney winner would get an autobid having a stronger field to face?
  18. Love the Home & Homes against the big boys of the conference. Loyola is going to travel well, hopefully we can give away some scarves to make it look like a Quidditch match.
  19. This is a power move and we're winning the A10 this year, it's a sign.
  20. It may also be opened by True Love's Kiss
  21. I was. My dad was introduced by his dad and has been watching them since the late 60s/early 70s. He's also been faithfully keeping stats at the TV table since 1985.
  22. Just wanted to say Happy Father's Day to all the Board people who are Fathers, all the MBB and WBB fathers, and the fathers of all the various SLU sports! I am not a father, I am a 26 year old single fella who loves the Billikens, lol.
  23. All I know is a packed Chaifetz is nothing to mess around with, even if you're a top 10 ranked team.
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