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  1. @juniorbill76 Paging your board avatar lol
  2. Did Chaifetz finally buy an NBA team?? (He asked half sarcastically)
  3. I really enjoyed his color commentary for sure. I liked the joke about the donuts with the Loyola shot clock violation.
  4. We still have the 13th strongest non-con to lean on if we demolish the A10, I guess?
  5. Gryffindor! I will die on this hill of comparison. I'm a Ravenclaw anyway, so SLU and the colors were the right choice for me.
  6. I had a Theo professor freshman year who could do a falsetto that sounded like Avery Johnson lol.
  7. The Lisa Stone holdovers continue to prove they're the best.
  8. I mean, when your official cheerleader and most notable person is a 103 year old nun, I guess it makes sense.
  9. I mean, you're right here, but we should never be ill-prepared in any case
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