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  1. 2 hours ago, TheA_Bomb said:

    I was slightly bewildered this morning when none of the many streaming services I have featured war movies on Memorial Day.  But we're in an on demand world and I queued something up.  I'm smoking some meat and watching Battle of the Bulge.  Great cast: Henry Fonda, Tully Sevalis, and Charles Bronson are so good.


    What's your go to war movie?

    A Bridge Too Far or Kelly's Heroes.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, billikenfan05 said:

    To be clear, I would feel terrible for field hockey. But like, at the end of the day, if we're going to be bare competitive at a sport lets not have to rent out practice and game fields upto 30 minutes away from campus. Sh!t who knows, if you have a sport based on campus, maybe you get more support for it from students and fans.

    Plus, isn't the FH program usually toward the bottom compared to the costal schools? I would also feel bad.

  3. 3 hours ago, Lord Elrond said:

    That is an outstanding question. I have no idea

    They keep the records from before the 90s in chaifetz in the pep band storage room in some nondescript filing cabinets, so the answer might be there. I've stol... appropriated some really cool memorabilia from the hockey team in the past.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Taj79 said:

    Mason takes down Davidson 15 to 11.  Nice.  Davidson now has to play Dayton which means either #2 or #3 is going home.  

    While the tournament is in Richmond, its being played at The Diamond, home of the Richmond Flying Squirrels, the Eastern League Double-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants.  The two-tiered stadium, visible from I-95 north of downtown, does not open its upper deck during the season unless needs dictate such.  A cozy, yet half empty, environment.

    This waxes poetic as well as any baseball writer.

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  5. 7 minutes ago, Band Legend said:

    something tells me you couldn't get away with that these days

    You'd be surprised at how we've hidden alcohol in recent years, haha.

  6. 34 minutes ago, billiken_roy said:

    It was such a great post it deserved to be posted twice!


    btw for those of you that dont know who "perry" is in the band.   he is the incredible trumpet player in the top row with the doc serverson like skills.   i'll never forget my first recollection of Perry, the billikens were playing in memphis and after the game my wife and I headed to beale street.  we walked into one of the bars and perry was on stage with the blues band playing there like he was in their group regularly.   amazing.  

    Back in DC last year, the alums were able to go on the trip and some of us found a bar with a latin-funk house band and Perry sat in with them for probably close to an hour. This was around midnight and they gave him a t-shirt that he wears every once in a while now. That was such a fun night. 

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  7. 6 minutes ago, Band Legend said:

    If they want to kick Perry and Whitey and the like out of the band they're bigger morons than I thought they were.

    Hear, here. The band would be nothing without the old timers. 

  8. 15 minutes ago, cgeldmacher said:

    I think that is because the band has never really been pushed to be a student only organization like all other college pep bands.  If its filled up by alumni, then there's no pressure to fill it up with students.

    Pressure to do it won't make it work. You've seen student attendance at games. What makes you think you could push students to do another thing when sometimes it's hard to get them to show for a game? Not bashing current band students because they're awesome and work hard, but there are legitimately not that many students who play instruments or are bought in to spending their free time watching a sport they may not care about. Alumni have experience, memories, buy-in, they spend money, they help mentor the new students, they forge connections which are life-long in some cases. There's no real argument against the alumni remaining.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Cowboy II said:

    -tell me where the logic falls apart on if the Band should only have students then attendance at games should only consist of students -  all of the teams are student organizations, like the version of the Band for which you seem to advocate

    A band of only student would also drastically decrease attendance at women's games, unfortunately. Sometimes we were among the few who showed up during the rough years pre-Lisa Stone.

  10. 42 minutes ago, brianstl said:

    The only reason it exists at SLU is because of the alumni and the pep band has always been that way.  Well at least since the Grawer era when the current band started near the end of the Grawer era.  That band started out, if I remember correctly, mostly consisting of alumni and Waterloo (I think) high school band members because SLU didn't have enough students interested in the band.  

    I may get a few things wrong in this part because most of this was before I was alive, but ......

    Before that there was only the alumni trumpeters in two different versions. The first version was before Ekker and the second was when Grawer brought them back.  The first version ended when Ekker decided SLU needed new traditions (does that sound familiar?).  Well Ekker got rid of the trumpeters, replaced the Billiken with Billie Lou and I think hired a lounge act to play music at the games.  I think I remember hearing that the lounge act had a singer who would sing to Billie Lou.  That ended up with SLU almost dropping to D3 after getting rid of Ekker. 

    This sounds like everything I've heard. Didn't know the bit about the lounge act, though.

  11. 5 minutes ago, cgeldmacher said:

    Someone answer this for me.  Are any other pep bands in the A-10 or even outside the A-10 made up of roughly 60% non-students and 40% students?  Seems like every other pep band out there is is student organization.  That's what the University and its clubs are for, the students.  It would be similar to 60% of our cheerleading squad being made up of 40 to 60 year old alumni.  If that split is a standard makeup of university pep band, then things should have been left alone.  If not, then I have no problem with the University and the Athletic Department wanting to transition to a student only band like everyone else.

    The issue with that is that it's always been that way. That's part and parcel of the SLU Pep Band that makes it unique. There used to be a waiting list to get into the band, but so many people had either graduated or moved or couldn't commit to coming to a few games, that making it a student only band would be untenable. If I remember correctly, Richmond's band had some older looking folks in it at a home game I once went to, so we're not the only school that at least occasionally allows alumni.

  12. 14 minutes ago, HoosierPal said:

    I don’t go to the game to hear the band. I moved my seats a decade ago to get as far away from the band as I could. I don’t go to the game for the intro video. I don’t care who the PA announcer is.

    I go to the game to see the game. 

    That's fine. Colleges have had bands at sporting events for over a century. They've always added to atmosphere and student and alumni engagement. Just because you don't care for it doesn't mean many other do.

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  13. 22 hours ago, Lord Elrond said:

    It’s a 14 hour per week job too.

    During basketball season, it's quite a bit more than 14 hours per week. The interim director put in a number of 30 hour weeks in addition to her full time job.

  14. 20 minutes ago, JMM28 said:

    The total lack of investment in baseball is a weird one. It isn't just a May thing either since it has been going on for decades. I don't think it will ever be a revenue producing program, but I would make the argument that a solid baseball program is your most or second most likely program to produce a future high level donor. The odds of a SLU baseball player making the majors is similar or better than a SLU basketball player making the NBA. 

    Especially since we're such a baseball city, this makes sense. Wouldn't it be cool to have a Jordan Goodwin-esque story for a SLU player to go into the Cardinals system? The investment should be there.

  15. 3 hours ago, billikenfan05 said:

    Fair question.

    Neither program has a pressbox. Of the NCAA Baseball Tournament teams in 2022, ONE did not have a pressbox. You cannot host an A10 Tournament without a pressbox, again if your goal is to win the A10 and make tournaments, you're hamstringing your chances of getting a tournament and therefore homefield advantage. Let us not forget the debacle that was the time they hosted an A10 and rented a pressbox.


    Sh*t, even Harris Stowe has an enclosed press box.

    Lol that's a disgrace with as much money as we have.

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