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  1. Suggs is the master at extending an arm to get contact... surprised the refs didn't call it. He's elite on all levels with that sort of gamesmanship.
  2. I want Verge (even though he isnt in the portal - wishful thinking... but I've fallen in love with his ability to score), one of the brothers from Cinci (shooters), and if someone unforeseen leaves another combo guard. Fine with McKissic to take a spot but also fine passing on him tbh.
  3. Well, if he goes to mizzou, best of luck to him. There will be more in the pipeline... preferably from power conferences too.
  4. Got her with the body and wasn't straight up at all... pretty insane no call. The contact was way more egregious than the contact at the end of the Texas ACU game.
  5. Goodwin giving major props to Okoro today makes me think Has won't/shouldn't stay. His stock for international play or even the NFL (I think he should play NFL tbh) won't be improved with even more limited time this coming year... With all that being said, I expect we will have one departure as it's happening everywhere.
  6. 41% from three with an incredible name... sign me up
  7. going to Eastern Kentucky
  8. Grady is 2 years older than Herro... nuts... but he will help cal and kentucky next year
  9. always glass half-full on here, but I would expect some new apparel coming in the fall... Solid team returning, fans back in the stands, and not completely in the red from covid... Especially if slu runs on the usual higher ed Jul-Jun fiscal calendar. This year is probably the worst SLU's budget will be so it is not the time for a new merch effort, but I think the excitement for next year (stimulus packages, in person classes, fans in stands, etc) will change that.
  10. also, there are two madsen's transferring out of cinci... are we on both?
  11. Reminds me of a 6'6" Rotnei Clarke... Hated him with a passion but my goodness it would have been fun to have him on our team.
  12. I really really like Madsen... his high school highlight tape is quite something. Seems to be a sharp shooter that is also pretty hard-nosed/plays with some swagger. He would be a four year guy that every a10 team would hate once he leaves.
  13. Similar to Martelli helping Juwan
  14. That could work too - but hard being the bottom feeder in the little 10.
  15. Mike Woodson to IU... don’t hate the hire don’t love it
  16. Indiana should go after Beard and Texas should go after Oats. Moser should take slightly more money and own chicago at DePaul imo - sh** job currently but better than Loyola was when moser took it over and much higher ceiling. Or stay and hope that ND tanks another year, he would fit perfectly there.
  17. Only team playing out of that group is giving him a nice sales pitch
  18. Very very solid D but also a lot of wide a** open bricks. Credit to the beavs for clogging the lane and daring them to shoot it. Pretty insane that Oregon state has beaten so many good teams in the past two and a half weeks (UCLA, Oregon, Colorado, Tennessee, Oklahoma state, and now Loyola)
  19. Lots of shooting and lots of missing in that one.... that was a painful two hours. Pretty amazing run the beavers are on right now though.
  20. Porter has seemingly made few adjustments. This Oregon St. team is very beatable. Loyola needs a run and some changes quick.
  21. 100% with you on this. I think our offensive flow will greatly improve, even though their skillsets and impact on the team will greatly be missed - esp defensively.
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