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  1. Agreed. Rebounding is our shortest part last year and we lost CR. It will be fun to see if we could recruit a rebounding monster with big size.
  2. I think he still needs to prove himself.
  3. I agreed with the idea some people have said here. Hire a young who are seeking a long-term job and wants to put himself all in. It could be assistant coach of Smart or Stevens.
  4. I don't think what he said are idiotic. He made some good points.
  5. Not a good idea. The salary is a big issue here.
  6. Like some guys said before, we are the only D1 basketball team in this town and no NBA team here. We need to aim higher.
  7. Good point. Let's see what he can do in K-State.
  8. A reasonable expectation should be sweet 16. Don't forget some people even predict us to be a final four.
  9. We certainly will. "one of those nights" always seems an excuse to me.
  10. Listen to what Cody said. http://www.ksdk.com/news/article/371177/3/Ducks-end-Billikens-season-74-57
  11. Same story, Indiana let him shoot and failed to stop him at the beginning of the game, then he became hot and hard to stop. But look, Indiana held on and we were blew out. Although Indiana shot better than us, more importantly, they adjusted their defense and limited Wyatt to 3 out of 12 from the arc, this makes difference.
  12. I expected someone will bring up this question. First, I did not deny our ability to get the shot off. What I said is our defensive plan is to allow them shooting outside. It does not necessarily mean they will shoot a lot although we let them do that. Also, I meant we did not adjust immediately after they started shooting well. There was no timeout call when we were trailed by 7 points after ten minutes play. When Dotson started feeling it and became very hot, we began to put pressure on him, it is too late. We failed to stop him at the beginning and of course it is hard to stop him la
  13. It is true. I am not happy we did not adjust immediately. I believed their high three point percentage is not because they were hot, it is because our defense make them hot.
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