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  1. Thanks for this link. Made it easy to donate.
  2. Man, that sounds terrible. That family definitely needs all the support they can get right now.
  3. Indeed. Absolutely heartbreaking. We obviously don't want to speculate but the ventilator makes me think of covid right away of course. No one in his age group and in the shape he was in should go like this.
  4. I am in 100 percent on this. Does someone with a business paypal account (they don't have limits or fees) want to collect the money? I have one if no one else does, although it hasn't been active in a while so I am not sure if it still works but I could check. This is just so awful and unexpected.
  5. What a disappointing weekend. Loyola literally forgot how to shoot 3s and can't crack a zone, and Oral Roberts needed a 3 for about 20 minutes and couldn't hit 1, even got a great look at the end. Not much left to watch now. I guess Houston Oregon State might be fun
  6. Its been like that for the last 5 years or so. CBS does the 3 lead in afternoon games and then kicks the night action so they can have their prime time crap and all the other games get bunched.
  7. Like I said yesterday..if only Porter would've hung one more year. Crews is never hired, and well, things might be a lot different now. What an absolute clinic. And now he will have a week to prepare for whoever is next. That would scare me if I was the other coach.
  8. Shaka just got badly outcoached. Abilene knew they couldn't run with the longhorns. So they turned the game into a scrum. They didn't even care if they would have empty trips. Ran the shot clock down and took a bad shot knowing they could defend on the other end. Best takeaway team in the country.
  9. So, telling the truth is trolling? Go ahead and defend ford and that 1 tourney win in 21 seasons. Ill wait. I like Ford. He is a nice guy. The players seem to like him. But with Xs and Os he is lost.
  10. Yep. Ford is not the answer. And I am not a troll..but he isn't. He can recruit, thats it. And until we get back to "billiken D" we aren't ever going to be good enough
  11. Has ford made adjustments all season...or ever for that matter?
  12. Just been a crappy day all around...the tourney with near miss upsets and than this crap
  13. The COVID rules are such a joke. If Mccormack was out for the big 12 tourney now he is suddenly back? Bona not good enough vs LSU
  14. Wasn't Mccormak supposed to be out? He suddenly appeared and changed the whole game
  15. Just to throw in my 2 cents..i think rich is the biggest fool on this site and he is just a flat out jerk. Glad some justice was felt. However, lets get back to the games. 4pm tomorrow lets go.
  16. The mountain west was only league that managed to lose to the terrible ACC. 0-4 outside of cuse
  17. Very true. It makes you wonder if it is better to be the Gonzaga or Loyola of a crap conference then try and float to the top of a crowded high mid major
  18. I know this has been discussed plenty of times and no one at SLU could control this, but just imagine if Porter had hung on at SLU for one more year... Rick Dies, Porter takes over instead of Crews...where is the program right now????
  19. Thank goodness they lost. Can't stand sleazy Izzo. So the 2 teams with 70 net rankings are out.. we should have had one of those spots.
  20. This is awful.... I mean really these bums over us. Wow
  21. I guess Golden is done for Richmond. Not enough incentive to play. I didn't do a bracket but both of these went the way I figured. Nice betting payout
  22. No one is going to admit they have COVID at this point. I am sure there are positives but they will just cover it up. Especially at the "BIG" Schools
  23. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/31073067/six-ncaa-men-basketball-tournament-referees-sent-home-one-tests-positive-covid-19 Obviously I hope his health is fine but no tears here for him not working the tourney
  24. Point taken, but don't lump me in with that.... talking to billikenfan05
  25. Good point. That is our biggest problem..teams like Wichita, Loyola and VCU are now "name" programs and get the benefit of the doubt. We don't... Never even made it to the second weekend.
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