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  1. 9 minutes ago, AnkielBreakers said:

    The problem with this game was that French went a little cold, 5/10, when they were clearly going at him with 1 guy. We needed to keep hitting him and Linssen inside until we forced them to commit an extra defender inside. It felt like we did not go to French enough in the second half. We wanted to dictate the game through our guards, and we failed. Perkins just wasn’t hitting, and GJ couldn’t get open. Goodwin did not catch fire from outside. I was confused down the stretch when Hargrove and Jacobs passed up on threes. I was surprised that we couldn’t get GJ open for 1 three. Just kind of a crappy game on our part. 
    Credit goes to them. They took a new approach against us, and it worked. We now need to remind everyone that French can put up 30 points if you let him.

    Out of reactions. Good post.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Franchise_08 said:


    There's a good chance we have him for three more years after this one. He's got the form to make shots. Whether or not he develops it remains to be seen. He's a terrific defender, a high wire act with his ability to get off the floor, and he's athletic enough to put the ball on the deck and score on the drive. As Hubie Brown would say, I think he has a lot of upside potential.

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