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  1. Dickey one of the leading stories on Sportscenter this morning. Ef that TopTen jazz. Dickey is a TopStory kind of guy. Na-na-na! Na-na-na!
  2. This post is MDA: Matt Dickey Approved
  3. I am working with a trainer the part of? game conditioning? and the one of? game like situation
  4. Just living up to the Jesuit mission and making the world better for others.
  5. My only question about that is: if it is a mandatory charge, then every undergrad has access, and I'm pretty sure we don't have 8,000 tickets to be giving out every game. Yes, I know that would never happen, but if even an appreciable percentage show up for the game, it would not be possible. I suppose big state schools have systems for dealing with such a situation. In any case, it's a much better probelm than the one we have.
  6. That's not the issue I'm talking about. Regardless of whether student tickets are free, regardless of what time people show up, it is counter-productive to fill the student section with non-students when the students would fill it game time.
  7. 1) This is not KU 2) I was there 20 minutes before tipoff 3) There were many more than 5 students there 4) Then why even have a student section? 5) I disagree with you but I'm pretty sure you're not Hitler
  8. They have been when school has been in session. I am all for giving away free tickets in sections 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 217, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, and 201. Just not in the first five rows of the student section. Please give away all the tickets you want to any youth organization within 100 miles of the Fetz, but try to keep some things in mind when doing it.
  9. Here's some arithmetic for you: (Guy doing frisbee tricks with dogs) < (Lady on eight foot unicycle tossing 5 bowls staggered from foot to head) Still was a "good" performance. Wouldn't say "great", but hey, not everybody can be the bowl lady.
  10. Absolutely ridiculous. If you want to have other people in the student section, then don't give away tickets to students. When school is in session, THE STUDENT SECTION IS FOR STUDENTS. Why has the Billiken program not been where we would like it to be for >10 years? It is episodes like tonight that prove that they are incapable of getting even the smallest things right.
  11. It is not guaranteed that we will get the ball to start the second half... ...there could have been a jump ball
  12. So therefore: CBI > NIT > NCAA. Looks like we really were national runners-up.
  13. I saw the top ten this morning and was like, "hey, it says A10. i wonder who that was. a billiken on the floor? wtf? was there a schedule change? oh, it was chaminade. whew. that's cool."
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