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  1. I learned about Emotional Freedom Technique many years ago, used it to tamp down desire for sweets. It's pretty simple, uses positive affirmations and tapping on specific areas of head. Got to thinking about using it to help our poor free throw shooting. Google Emotional Freedom Technique and free throw shooting. A lot comes up, but I have included two links which I found most interesting. If anybody has coach's ear maybe they could make aware of this post. I found a women from St Louis who works with people for personal instruction and I asked her if she would be willing to talk to whole team. She seemed very interested. Once you guys[and girls?] have a chance to look at this I would appreciate your thoughts. EFT for Sports & Other Personal Performance - EFT Universe.webloc www.eftuniverse.com:.webloc
  2. I've been in Maui for a week and watched all three games on channelsurfing. Terrible sound the first game, but none on the last two. Anybody have a suggestions
  3. Thanks, I just found out I could add it for 5.00 and I just did.
  4. Anybody know how we could get these girls to perform at one of our halftimes? They are unfrickingbelieveable. Video is long but they just keep getting better and better. http://blip.tv/file/1816913
  5. Two tickets Sec 217 row C Seat 6,7 Call me on my cell if you want them, probably can hand off about 6;30 at door. 618-973-3668
  6. I've got two tickets for Globetrotters Fri. April 11. The first 'game' in new Chaifetz arena. Cost 65.00 from Metrotix, sell for 32.00. Email me if interested. For what it's worth they are located Sec 103 Row H
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