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  1. If Hardball is who Sheltie says, then he thought he was the coach at everyone of his son's games at the Palace on Ballas.
  2. I think they hope he will be an effective lobbyist in jeff city. We will see how that works out.
  3. People are not only writing off this season, but the next three. They are claiming all the freshmen are lost causes. People still can't let the Ahearn thing go. Some are bitching about signing standout citizen, standout student, and I believe our starting PG this year, DP. They think we should have signed Tatum instead. Tatum is a fine player, but it is becoming clear that his criminal numbers are quickly surpassing his b-ball numbers. We have posters saying that AD wouldn't have even started at Harris-Stowe. They think we should offer every kid from the area. We have a poster who keeps track of every recruit in the country and adds their decision to a list against SLU. Everybody needs to calm down. We are not even a week into practices. Let's try to get a couple games into the season at least before we start making judgments. NLOI day is still a little bit away. Let's see what happens before we trash this signing period.
  4. I think it is more important the effect it has on the players futures and not on the victory total. There have been way too many sad stories involving Vashon players over the last two decades. It's time for education to become the most important thing at Vashon. For the players and the school as a whole.
  5. Nate, I think he has a chance to be a really good D-1 player with a year or two in a college lifting program. I don't think he is an instant impact player.
  6. I saw that XU and Richmond have joined the police blotter. It seems this is becoming rampant.
  7. I agree with you on St. Joe and Martelli. I think you slightly overrate Chaney.
  8. Not to stick up for Footsie, but this is a SLU board. The Illini are recruiting for some of the same players we are. They refuse to play us. I see no need to feel sorry for them and Weber. Verbals are non-binding. Coaches are allowed by the NCAA to recruit players after they give a verbal. I don't see this as being wrong at all. I know coaches don't like it because it means more work for them. The rules are what they are. If you call and the kid doesn't tell you to stop, you aren't doing anything wrong. You better not quit recruiting the kid just because he has given you a verbal. If you do, someone will sweep in and steal the kid.
  9. Can we cut back a little bit on the love for Weber and IL? This is a SLU board.
  10. Hardball, I am not saying you don't bring some valid arguments. But, you don't concede that there are valid arguments on the other side. Let face it our last two coaches quit. One left to go to another program. The other left because he was fed up with the situation here. If everything were great at SLU for a coach this wouldn't have occurred. I don't want to hear about Spoon leaving because of his health because that is BS. Anyone who knows him well will tell you this. He had it with the whole crew at the University. Don't tell about Zo leaving for his alma mater. If everything was great here he would have stayed just like Weber at IL, he didn't take the Purdue job. XU has been a hell of a program for twenty years. It was not built by Matta or Miller. Gillen built it and it didn't happen over night. You talk about Jeter at UWM. You think Brad gets recruits late, you would really hate Jeter. Just check out this link:http://uwmpanthers.cstv.com/sports/m-baskbl/spec-rel/090506aab.html . I would say that is just unacceptable for a team coming off a trip to the second round in the tournament. I respect your thoughts on Ahearn and Frazier. How many tournaments has MSU been to with them? I agree with you about Tatum. But, why don't we hear anyone ***** about the guys, Zo didn't recruit at all, that built that program?
  11. I do not believe the NIT championship is regonized as a national championship.
  12. No we can’t compare ourselves to GU or MU. That’s where we want to be not where we are at our have ever been. How many final fours, sweet sixteens, and national championships does SLU have? None. Those two teams well they have them. The have been producing them for years. They were producing them before their current coaches. Those two coaches started out in a much better position than Brad. On the facility front, both of those schools have much better on campus practice and offices than SLU currently does. Drew hasn't won anything at Baylor, yet. Let's see how both teams do this year. Baylor also has much better facilities than SLU. Baylor plays in the Big 12. Has a top-flight athletic department, look at what they accomplish outside of the big 2 sports. It is the largest Baptist University in the world. So it is not exactly a fair comparison. Texas A&M and UTEP are both large state land grant universities. Have much larger and better athletic departments. They have better facilities and resources for the programs to work with. So they are not fair comparisons. I am not saying that we can't be a big time program. I am not saying that everything is perfect with Brad. Everyone just needs to remember where he was starting. They need to remember the resources he has had to work with. I just think you need a little more time at SLU then you need at some of the other places that have been mentioned.
  13. Come on 72, you are not really trying to compare SLU program at any point to those at OSU, UL, GU, and MU. Not a fair comparison at all. See that is the problem with some of the negative posters here, they have no basis for the comparisons they try to make. They really are trying to compare apples and oranges. Glad you brought up ZO, too. Cause it worked out great for him here. One NCAA fluke. And, the program loaded with blue chippers just like he has at UW. Wait, I can't remember any of those blue chippers. I guess the great new facality at UW, the Pac-10 conference, and being the talent rich Seattle area hasn't made a differnce.
  14. Vtime, you admitted to this being your alter ego in the past. All the ip address means is you are logging on from different locations.
  15. Vtime, I always thought you said he would go slu if they offered. They have. What gives? Now you say he will go to MU if they offer. I want to see what kind of affect Bonner has on the V kids. Acedemics will become much more important. Also, it will might change the relationship between Gameface and the V. I wouldn't be suprised to see V kids playing for the Eagles in the near future.
  16. Well said 3star. I think that is why he and Alexander would make a very nice combo if we get them both. OJ have you heard any news about Alexander?
  17. Congrats, Rich. Has Brad offered the kid yet. If not, why not? lol
  18. http://www.basketballboards.net/forum/show...ad.php?t=308263 I don’t know if the A-10 is going to stick to its goofy method of selecting preseason All-Conference players (10 on the first team, 10 on the second). I break my list down into four teams. If the league organizes its list the same way, my first and second teams would compose the First Team and my third and fourth teams would compose my Second Team. I think almost all of these players will show up on the league list, though a few are questionable (Forbes, Salisbery, Achara, Nivins) based on pure stats or their absence from last season. The order obviously could be different. There’s so many good guards in the league it’s hard to separate them (Rice, Burrell, Harris, Roberts, Lisch, Goldwire, etc). Picking player of the year is difficult. A lot of good players. Still, I think Ian Vouyoukas is the toughest player for any team in the league to defend. He’s also a much improved defender who clogs up the middle. PLAYER OF THE YEAR Ian Vouyoukas, St. Louis (see below) FIRST TEAM *Ian Vouyoukas, St. Louis – Immovable object is an “unâ€-resistable force down low. *D’Angelo Alexander, Charlotte – If the league’s top returning scorer continues to shoot above 40% plus on treys, he’ll earn the moniker “The Great.†*Bryant Dunston, Fordham – Skilled low-post operator can now dial up treys (19-39, 48.7%) when the paint gets clogged. *Rashuan Freeman, Massachusetts – League’s top returning rebounder will be free to score more inside with better help on the perimeter. *Justin Cage, Xavier – The best player on Xavier is also the best all-round player in the A-10. Cage, who boxes up opponents on defense, was uncaged offensively after Brian Thornton went down. SECOND TEAM *Maureece Rice, George Washington – Call him “Minute Rice†on offense. He stirs GW’s pot and puts up points in a hurry. *Stanley Burrell, Xavier – Stan is the Man when the Musketeers need a burst of offense. *Tommie Liddell, St. Louis – Fabulous as a freshman, this point guard/quick forward is about to become a sensational sophomore. *Rob Ferguson, St. Joseph’s – Quiet forward makes a loud statement with his good all-round play. *Carl Elliott, George Washington – Point guard with a football player’s body passes like a quarterback, drives to the rim like a tailback and patrols the passing lanes like a free safety. THIRD TEAM *Brian Roberts, Dayton – Smooth as Ben & Jerry’s vanilla ice cream, scoring guard can scoop the ball into the “bowl†from any number of spots. *Gary Forbes, Massachusetts – Ford the coach says Forbes the player earns his namesake: he’s a richly skilled scorer. *Leemire Goldwire, Charlotte – Leemire can go haywire from outside. *Ahmad Nivins, St. Joseph’s – Gifted 6-9 sophomore set to become center of attention for reloading Hawks. *Stephane Lasme, Massachusetts – Shotblocker deluxe keeps the ball from going in at one end but he is increasingly putting it in at the other. FOURTH TEAM *Justin Doellman, Xavier – The 6-10 bigman with an outside game has also become tougher to handle inside the paint. *Monty Scott, Dayton – The Flyers found out last year that a Scott-free offense is a low-scoring one. *Darnell Harris, LaSalle – The Explorers don’t have to search far and wide for one of the deadliest 3-point rainmakers in the league. *Kevin Lisch, St. Louis – Hard-nosed defender is a baby-faced assassin from behind the arc. *Kieron Achara, Duquesne – Forgotten after an injury-induced redshirt season, the Scottish center still remembers how to score, rebound and block shots. *Dustin Salibery, Temple – Wingman is a good scorer, but sometimes he plays more like Salisbury steak than filet mignon. Honorable Mention: Norm Plummer, Dayton Marcus Stout, Fordham E.J. Drayton, Charlotte Regis Koundjia, GW Will Daniels, Rhode Island Jim Baron Jr., Rhode Island Gaston Moliva, Richmond Paul Williams, St. Bonaventure Michael Lee, St. Bonaventure Tyler Relph, St. Bonaventure Mark Tyndale, Temple Josh Duncan, Xavier Drew Lavender, Xavier DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR Stephane Lasme, Massachusetts ALL-DEFENSIVE TEAM Stephane Lasme, Massachusetts Justin Cage, Xavier Bryant Dunston, Fordham Carl Elliott, George Washington Kevin Lisch, St. Louis MOST IMPROVED PLAYER Pat Calathes, St. Joseph’s Honorable mention: Chris Bethel, Fordham Gaston Moliva, Richmond
  19. I lived in Springfield for a year; it is hard to believe anyone under 65 could find it more appealing than the Evanston/Chicago area. I could see somebody finding it more appealing than Dayton or Carbondale. But then you are just comparing different levels of hell.
  20. These to sites provide alot of links to college b-ball news around the country. http://www.insidehoops.com/ncaa/ http://ncaahoopstoday.blogspot.com/
  21. I pulled this info off the A-10 board. Conference Rank: 8 Projected NCAA tournament picks: 3 1. Xavier (NCAA) 2. UMass (NCAA) 3. GW (NCAA) 4. Saint Louis 5. Charlotte 6. Dayton 7. Fordham 8. St. Joe's 9. Temple 10. La Salle 11. Rhode Island 12. Richmond 13. Bona 14. Duquesne All-Conference: POY: G Stanley Burrell, Xavier First team G Stanley Burrell, Xavier G Carl Elliot, GW C/F Bryant Dunston, Fordham C/F Rashaun Freeman, UMass C/F Ian Vouyoukas, Saint Louis Second team G Brian Roberts, Dayton G Maureece Rice, GW G/F Gary Forbes, UMass G/F De'Angelo Alexander, Charlotte F Justin Doellman, Xavier Best shooter: De'Angelo Alexander, Charlotte Best playmaker: Drew Lavender, Xavier Best NBA prospect: Carl Elliot, GW Best defender: Stephane Lasme, UMass Most versatile: Stanley Burrell, Xavier Most underrated: Tommie Liddell, Saint Louis Newcomer of the Year: Gary Forbes, UMass Impact Newcomers: 1. G/F Gary Forbes, UMass 2. G Drew Lavender, Xavier 3. G Carlos Williams, Charlotte 4. G/F Cheyenne Moore, GW 5. F Rodney Green, La Salle
  22. Nice new alias Vtime. Got news for you, you don't get recruited for the NBA. You either get drafted or invited to a camp. The coaching staffs don't go out recruiting.
  23. I don't know whats suprises me more, that they have the internet in Carbondale or that people there know how to use it. Little over three weeks till Halloween. Try not to let anybody get killed or totally destroy the town.
  24. Now thats funny, Skip. Just make sure it is mixed with everclear.
  25. Hte apology was to you Hardball. I was wrong about him starting every game. But, I have never said I wouldn't have liked to have him or Tatum on the team or have I ever said that Stremler would be a bust at IU. I would have really loved to have Tatum on the team.
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